Carlson & Starman Sworn In During School Board Meeting

The Cozad Community Schools Board of Education met on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. President John Peden swore in newly elected members Joel Carlson and Michele Starman.
Elected to lead the board for 2017 were Peden as President, Scott Geiser, Vice President and Edd Albrecht, Secretary.
Susan Kloepping was appointed to continue as District Treasurer and Scott Trusdale as the School District Attorney.
First Bank and Trust Co., Homestead Bank and Security First Bank were approved as the school district depositories. The Tri-City Tribune will continue to be the district’s newspaper.
Board members volunteered/were appointed for the various board committees for the upcoming year.
Elementary Guidance Counselor Kathy Halouska appeared to present a Multicultural Committee Report.  “We recently found out that these are to be presented every October, and the last one was submitted in 2011,” said Halouska. Her committee recently sent out a questionnaire to all staff members. The responses showed that greater than 80 per cent of the staff maintain a high standard of working with minorities that now include many different cultures in addition to those students who live in poverty and have disabilities. Superintendent Joel Applegate reported that he has contacted ESU10 for staff training. 
Middle School Principal Brian Regelin reported on this year’s activities classes that are scheduled during four 25-day segments throughout the school year. “I have visited with the other administrators, and would like to see the new ag teacher teach a quarterly woods class or offer it as an activities class,” Regelin said.
Elementary Principal Dale Henderson noted that the elementary is seeing an increase in stomach flu and head/cold flu. He also noted that the elementary gym has five different groups utilizing it between town basketball teams and DI teams.
Superintendent Applegate reported that he had attended the recent Region 4 Superintendent’s meeting. “A consensus at the meeting was that schools aren’t overspending; they are not being supported by state funds so local governments tax more,” Applegate said. Applegate reported on upcoming in-services and that they are looking at the ‘Power of ICU’ program being employed by the York school district and others. “This program emphasizes the completion of classes satisfactorily with students not being allowed to fail,” according to Applegate. “We are the parents to students during school hours and our job is not to give them zeroes as an option,” he continued.
The Consent Agenda was approved as presented.
High School Principal Bill Beckenhauer presented board members with a request of attendance waivers for five students for first semester. “High School Counselor Bruce Hird and I have been working and communicating with these students and their families and we don’t want to penalize them for circumstances that are out of their control,” Beckenhauer pointed out. All five waivers were approved.
Teresa McNinch appeared to request attendance waivers for first semester on behalf of Jaimee Moore who has been living with her and also her daughter, Valencia Lanford . Moore had passed five of her seven classes during first semester and Lanford had passed all seven. Both had exceeded the maximum amount of days allowed for absences allowed excluding medical, counseling or court-related absences.
After discussion, board members approved the motion that both will receive credits for first semester provided that their absences do not exceed a total of 18 days for the school year. If absences exceed more than 18 days for the year, they will lose credit hours earned for both the first and second semesters.
Bill Shaffer was approved to be employed as the Secondary Counselor at the Middle School for the 2017-2018 school year. Shaffer present teaches science at the middle school. “We interviews three candidates for this position, and I’m confident offering it to Bill,” commented Principal Regelin. “He loves working with at-risk students and will be an asset to us as guidance counselor,” Regelin added.
Discussion items included the Nebraska Beef in Schools Summit scheduled for February 15th. Superintendent Applegate and Board Member Albrecht will set up a meeting with local beef producer John Schroeder.
Superintendent Applegate reported that he had visited with the school’s attorney concerning the liability on the proposed Community Garden on school property and that insurance will cover this.
Discussion continued on Cozad Elementary School facility expansion options. Applegate and Henderson requested that facility committee members schedule a walk through the elementary. Presently a ‘skinny trailer’ is being utilized for reading and other small groups. 
The administration has been looking into acquiring a 24 X 60 modular for next year with two rooms that would possibly be used for music and art classes. Rental on such a modular would be $1,250/month or $58,000 for two years. Purchase cost would be $72,000. “Before proceeding with anything we need to look at the present spaces and where to expand and the right thing to do,” according to Superintendent Applegate.
Several board policies currently in place were given to board members to review prior to the next meeting.
Board members entered executive session to discussion the superintendent’s contract.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Cozad Community Foundation Set To Host 2017 Kickoff Event

The community of Cozad will be abuzz on February 25th with the RedDay Celebration to be held at the Elks Lodge. Citizens of the 100th Meridian City will have the chance to reinvest, engage and donate during this jouyous event. 
The activities will start at 6 p.m. and continue until 10 p.m. Tickets to the event are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. A wine/ microbrew tasting will be accompanied by a food pairing demonstration by Shawn Engberg. There will be silent and live auction items also available at the Elks Lodge.  The customized golf cart raffle will be drawn this evening also, tickets are still available and you need not be present to win. Raffle tickets as well as tickets to event can be purchased from any board member or at one of the banks in Cozad. 
Online donations will be accepted at via PayPal. 

Giving Credit Where It Is Due


Cozad Jaycees Cake Auction To Be Held February 9th

The Cozad Jaycees will be hosting their annual cake auction on Thursday, February 9th at Chipper Hall in Cozad.
 Items may be dropped off starting at 7:30 a.m. with bidding commencing at 9:00 a.m. Bidding will end promptly at 5:45 p.m. Baked goods as well as non-perishable items such as baskets are welcomed.
 All items will qualify for the ‘Buy-Now’ feature. For $75 any item may be purchased on the spot.
 Questions or additional information about the annual cake auction may be obtained by contacting Lindsay Erickson at 308-325-5551.

Cozad High School First Semester Honor Rolls

Cozad High School has unveiled their honorees for the first semester that includes many students receiving excellent marks. 
Listed below are the honored students that achieved Exemplary Honor Roll, High Honors Honor Roll and Honors Honor Roll for the First Semester:  
Exemplary Honor Roll:
Seniors: Jose Alvidrez, Whitney Applegate, Ali Arndt, Marina Arnold, Kaylei Becker, Jordan Brandenberg, Chandler Brock, Alexandra Brown, Adriana Buss, Emilia Carlos, Melanie Castillo, Sammy Crick, Kanyon Eckard, Valeria Estrada, Abbi Etherton, Devin Favinger, Kalynn Fleharty, Emily Gengenbach, Klint Gill, Cameron Griffis, Bret Hladky, Darci Hoffmaster, Kylee Morris, Alynne Myer, Blake Osborn, Cristian Prado, Cristina Prado, Alyssa Schneider, Ben Wetovick, Sarah Yocom and Caleb Young. 
Juniors: Kennedy Berreckman, Ian Branham, Ashley Burkholder, Melissa Estrada, Arturo Martinez, Annatasia McCracken, Sadie Rush, Garrett Savick, Emily Smith, Kaitlyn Spaulding, Elizabeth  Stallbaumer, Annabelle Underwood and Aaliyah Wilkins.
Sophomores: Adan Benavente, Alexis Coen, Abby Cornelius, Kayla Eckard, Dillon Geiser, Carissa Jensen, Olivia Klein, Sydney Lindstedt, Jacqueline Martinez, Margaret McGinnis, Maddux Myer, Nathan Neil, Carrie Osborn, Abby Thramer and Madison Weatherly. 
Freshmen: Megan Burkholder and Katelyn Calhoun. 
High Honors Honor Roll:
Seniors: Micah Armstrong, Cassie Calhoun, Zeke Derr, Sydnie Fife, Luke Gengenbach, Israel Hermosillo, Brandon Junker, Madi Mast and Timothy Wilson. 
Juniors: Zach Beckenhauer, Kyle German,  and Bri Vanenzuela.
Sophomores: Luke Breon, Jovi Cervantes, Natalie Engel, Kaden Garcia, Addy Hergenrader, Mariana Hermosillo, Taylor Hoff, Blake Hoffmaster, Jace Russman, Isabel Schaefer, Emily Siebenhor and Tre Sumrall.  
Freshmen: Katelynn Bartell, Chloe Donahey, Jackson Lighthall, Sienna Torres, Austin Werner and Abby Worrell. 
 Honors Honor Roll:
Seniors: Kelsey Calhoun, Kolton Heins, Austin Karas, Michelle Lobatos, Paige Maaske, Jonathan Mapel, Reece Peden, D’Nae Sumrall, Haile Thaden, Shelbie Valenzuela and Ashton Warner. 
Juniors: Amber Nichols and Skylar Rogers. 
Sophomores: Alaine Canas, Grace Cargill, Adam Cole, Elizabeth Demilt, Brenna Dugan, Stephen Gumble, Ashley Revelo, Beatriz Vazquez and Madi Wilkinson.
Freshmen: Cameron Brock and Haley Cargill. 

Souper Bowl Cookoff To Be Held In Cozad

The Grand Generation Center is excited about their upcoming Souper Bowl Cookoff that will be held on Friday,  January 27th. 
The Cookoff event invites all levels of soup chefs and it will be held from 5:30-7 p.m. Hungry patrons are encouragaged to attend with the meal costing $5. The meal consists of samples of all the soups, a full bowl of soup, a piece of pie and an ice cream sundae bar along with one vote to select your favorite. 
Extra votes can be purchased for $1 each  and stuffing the ballot box is encouraged. All proceeds go to the Grand Generation Center.

Gothenburg YMCA Unveils New Director


Allie Buesing Of Cozad Named Wellness Coordinator at SCC

Southeast Community College’s new fitness and wellness coordinator is passionate about exercise, fitness and eating right. As a self-proclaimed “chubby kid,” Allie Buesing knows from firsthand experience how important it is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.
“As a child I struggled with my weight,” Buesing said. “Even though I was pretty active, I ate all the wrong things.”
Buesing was in fifth grade when she and her mother both made a conscious effort to eat healthier. By the time she got into high school she exercised more and participated in team sports such as cross country and basketball. That’s when she knew it was more than just a lifestyle for her.
“I have a huge passion for health and wellness,” she said. “I’m excited to work with the college students.”
After graduating from Peru State College in 2015 with a degree in Exercise Science, Buesing worked at the YMCA and a health foods store before taking the Wellness Coordinator job at SCC. She is in charge of student wellness programs, running health assessments and maintaining the gym at SCC’s Lincoln Campus. 
She’s also started new things like writing monthly newsletters with exercise tips and healthy recipes, starting group exercise classes and different fitness challenges to get students and staff motivated. She currently has a New Year’s Challenge and a Fitbit Challenge which both offer gift cards as prizes.
She also stresses that there’s more to health and fitness than eating and working out. It’s also about how you manage stress, getting your finances in order, getting a good night’s sleep, and not undoing it all on the weekend.
“Your health affects your entire life, your work life, your home life, and it reduces stress,” she says. 
Buesing is primarily at the Lincoln Campus, but she hopes to ultimately work at all SCC locations, she said. She would love to see employee wellness programs at all campuses, including new gym equipment and workout classes. 
She’s already started exercise classes at the Lincoln Campus that include Yoga, Boot Camp and Strength & Core.  Times and days of the classes are posted on the Hub each week. She also works with the Wellness Committee chair to plan wellness events focusing on the seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, environmental, social, and spiritual. 
Buesing also is a certified fitness trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She enjoys developing personalized fitness plans based on individual needs. Every day is different for her, but her favorite days are when she can help someone who is struggling.
“When I have students come in and I work out with them and show them what they need to do, and then they see results, that’s rewarding to me,” she said. 

Cozad's Firemen Banquet was held On Saturday


Cozad Chamber of Commerce Banquet Award Winners



Board of Commissioners Conduct Statutory Meeting

 The Dawson County Commissioners conducted a statutory meeting on Friday, January 13, 2017. 
Official’s Receipts were approved as submitted: $9,717.19 Clerk; $23,804.84 Register of Deeds; $16,895.67 Clerk of District Court and $1,512.50 Surveyor. Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $560,762.45 and Total Claims in the amount of $319,339.16 were also approved to be filed.
Commissioner PJ Jacobson was elected as Chairman for 2017 and Dean Kugler as Vice-Chairman.
County Appointments were as follows:
ADA Coordinator – Brian Woldt; 
Cooperative Lottery Representatives – Dean Kugler and Yvonne Rickertsen
County Highway Superintendent Randy Deans; Miller and Associates – Engineer
 County Highway Administrator – Pat Nichols
Courthouse Building Coordinator – Brian Woldt
Dawson Area Development Board – Dave Stenberg
 Dawson County Weed Superintendent – Marty Craig
Emergency Management Director – Brian Woldt
Spring Creek Chairman – PJ Jacobson
Veteran’s Service Administrator – Steve Zerr
Zoning Administrator – Pam Holbrook. 
--Board members approved all reappointments.
Commissioner appointments for the upcoming year included:
--Commissioner Jacobson will serve on Catastrophic Leave, Finance Committee, Law Enforcement, Region II Human Services, Region II Development and Disability Services and West Central Area on Aging.
--Commissioner Butch Hagan will serve on Dawson County Ag Society, Lexington Area Solid Waste Board, Road Committee, RTSD Board, and the Tower Incorporated. 
--Commissioner Bruce Rickertsen will serve on the Dawson County Extension Board, RTSD Board, Two Rivers Public Health Board and the Dawson County Weed Board. 
--Commissioner Bill Stewart will serve on Catastrophic Leave, Community Economic Development Board, Courthouse Building Committee, Dawson Area Development as an alternate; Finance Committee, Law Enforcement, RTSD board and the West Central Nebraska Development District as the alternate. 
--Commissioner Dean Kugler will serve on the Dawson Area Development Board (DAD), Dawson County Veteran’s Service Officer and the Road Committee. All appointments were approved.
Resolutions approving the Lexington Clipper-Herald and the County Website, dawson for publishing legal notices and the Tri-City Tribune and Gothenburg Times for publishing the commissioners’ proceedings were approved. 
Also adopted was a resolution regarding the depositories for public funds.
Official Holidays were approved as presented.
Under Committee Reports, Commissioner Hagan is still waiting to hear on the grant for the Ag Society. He found out that Dawson County does not qualify to receive any money from the state for bridge repairs.
Commissioner Kugler reported that he had attended the Veterans Service Board meeting on Thursday evening and that the interlocal agreement between Dawson and Frontier counties continues to be working out well.
Commissioner Stewart encouraged Deputy County Attorney Jocelyn Brasher to begin work on some zoning issues.
Commissioner Jacobson inquired how progress on removing the items from the ‘old’ jail was coming. Brian Woldt reported that a lot of items were removed on November 16 – 18. Jacobson would like to bids put out for demolition of the old jail building as soon as possible.
Two bids were received and opened for motor graders by County Roads Department Shop Foreman Tim Speak. Nebraska Machinery (NMC) bid was for three Caterpillar motor graders for $798,750 less trade-in of three old motor graders at $207,275 for a total of $591.475. Murphy Tractor & Equipment submitted a bid for three John Deere motor graders for $779,850 less trade-in of three old motor graders at $250,000 each for a total of $529,850. After Speaks and Hagan looked over and discussed the bids they returned and recommended that the bid from Murphy Tractor & Equipment be accepted. The commissioners approved.
 Dawson County Gary Reiber presented the December 2016 crime reports. Reiber reported that there were 898 total services provided during the month with 1,547 LEC dispatch calls for service made.  
Reiber noted that once again contract inmate numbers were down. “LB 605 in reality puts more people on probation and less people in county jails,” Reiber noted.
“On a positive note, our income for the first half of the fiscal year is up from last year’s $813,259.16 to $903,157.87 this year,” Reiber reported. 
Dawson County Assessor John Moore presented information concerning the GIS ‘clean-up’. He estimates the cost will come to about $20,000.
The 2015-2016 audit was accepted as presented.
The commissioners entered executive session at 8:53 a.m. to discuss personnel issues and reconvened at 9:12 a.m. No action was taken.
The Board of Equalization met prior to the Commissioner’s meeting. Approval was granted for a vehicle tax exemption for Camp Comeca for a 2003 Honda Accord. Also approved were tax corrections for Pramberg Livestock Inc., David R. Wolfe, Zachary T. Olmstead and Richard V. Beran.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room in the Dawson County Courthouse in Lexington, Nebraska.

Turnpike Troubadours To Highlight 2017 Wurst Tag Celebration

The Turnpike Troubadours will be spotlighted during Nebraska’s Biggest Party on the Hill, as they will highlight the 2017 Wurst Tag celebration that will be held on June 10th in Eustis. 
The Turnpike Troubadours have hosted soldout shows in their home state of Oklahoma as well as in Texas and in major cities all across and America and they hope to sellout the Hill of the Sausage Capitol of Nebraska this upcoming summer. Opening up for the Turnpike Troubadors will be Switchbak. Tickets will be available for purchase soon 
Many of the traditional events that are held each year during the Wurst Tag celebration are in the planning stages and the details are being worked out currently by the Wurst Tag Committee for the upcoming event. 

Gothenburg Will Host Winter Royalty This Week


Going on a safari is the name of the game for Gothenburg Public Schools as they hope to “Tame the Tigers’ to celebrate Winter Coronation with the basketball games set for Saturday evening. 
Throughout the week, the Gothenburg students have shown great participation in the ‘Dress-Up’ days that coincide with Winter Coronation. 
On Monday, it was in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Swedes sleep tonight. They wore PJ’s on Monday. 
Going on a safari were the Swedes to hunt the Tigers in their camo and safari gear on Tuesday.  
On Wednesday, the students wore stripes as the Swedes are going to skin the Tigers. 
Seeing multiple generations roam the halls will be easy on Thursday, as the students will make the Tigers see generations. Seniors dress as grandparents. Juniors dress as adults. Sophomores will dress as teens and the Freshmen will dress as babies. 
On Friday, the students will dress to impress the tigers as frat boys and sorority girls. 
Students will decorate for the parade starting at 12:40 p.m. 
Final voting for the King and Queen will be on Tuesday. 
The Winter Coronation games are set with the Girls Varsity game starting at 3:30 p.m. and the Boys Varsity to follow at or near 5 p.m. 
Following the games, the GHS Winter Coronation royalty will be selected as the king and queen will be crowned. Competing for the honors and accolades to reign over the festivities are three boys and girls who were selected as Royalty nominees. 
Queen finalists are: 
MCKENNA PETERSON: daughter of Tim and Lynn Peterson; and Kelsey Peterson 
GEORGINA DISHMAN: daughter of Michelle Ryan. 
SARAH HABE: daughter of Gary Habe and Tish Doughty. 
King finalists are:
WILL HEALEY: son of Chris and Stacy Healey. 
TY CLEMENT: son of Dan Clement and Steph Binderup. 
JOHN KOZEAL: son of Steve Kozeal and Suzi Kozeal. 
The Winter Coronation dance will follow the crowning  in the Dudley Elementary Gym, with doors opening at 9:30 p.m. and closing promptly at 10:30 p.m. The dance will conclude at 12:30 a.m. There will be no jeans or hats allowed. The cost is $5 per person. Out of town dates must be signed up in the office by the end of the school day on Thursday. 

Dawson County Awarded $350,000 Grant By DED

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) has awarded $350,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to the Dawson County Agricultural Society, Inc., for improvements designed to provide for investments in effective and affordable tourist attraction facilities to grow Nebraska communities that invest in long-term development. The tourist attraction project improvements will enable severely disabled persons and the elderly accessibility to attraction’s buildings and grounds. 
The CDBG Tourism Development Category is open to CDBG non-entitlement incorporated municipalities throughout Nebraska. Grants are administered by DED from the State’s annual allocation of CDBG funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Below is a brief description about the projects and the award:
Dawson County $350,000 CDBG award and $110,800 matching funds: The sponsor beneficiary is the non-profit Dawson County Agricultural Society, Inc. The project is for major improvements to the Dawson County Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds host more than 20 annual events each year, which draws visitors from the region and from more than 20 states. The fairgrounds racetrack draws 700-1,000 attendees each week from a tri-state region, plus the county fair attendance averages around 12,000 annually. The improvements to the fairgrounds and facilities for removal of accessibility barriers include: restroom upgrades, accessible parking, grandstand modifications for seating/ramps/ pathways, and other surfacing improvements to meet the ADA regulations. For more information, contact Jennifer McKeone on the phone at: 308-217-0004 or via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For information about DED’s tourism development process, contact Steve Charleston at 800-426-6505, 402-471-3757, or steve. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Set to Sing Loud and Proud from Cozad High School:


Cozad's Paulsen Wins BIG FAN On Monday Night

Getting the chance to live out a dream was shared with people all across the globe was Colt Paulsen of Cozad as he not only met Kim Kardashian West but was able to display his vast knowledge of the Kardashian family by winning top honors on the ABC Television show BIG FAN on Monday evening. 
The show was taped in April in Los Angeles and Paulsen had to then bite his tongue about the results of the show since the taping. 
When he won the tiebreaker  in the second round, he then  faced off in a speed round with the one and only Kim Kardashian West in the final round. There was a moment in the final round, where Kim looked flabbergasted and stated, “It’s not that I don’t know these answers, obviously.” 
Colt was nearly star-struck but he was ecstatic and rearing to answer the questions, “ I was very excited because at that moment I knew I got to spend one-on-one time with Kim,” expressed Colt Paulsen. My favorite part of the show was getting to meet Kim. I would love to meet Kim again. I don’t know when it will be but I hope to interview her on the red carpet one day.”
Colt Paulsen is currently a Junior at the University of Nebraska-Omaha  and he plans to continue enjoying school and of course, keep up with the Karsdashians every Sunday. 

Kearney Cinema



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