Wellmann Of Gothenburg & Lex's Brock Reign In Sand At Dutch Zorn Invite

A stellar effort in the jumps propelled Hana Brock of Lexington to earn a pair of gold medals and Kasey Wellmann of Gothenburg won gold in the other jumping event to power TRIBUNE-Area athletest to a golden sweep in the jumps at the 2017 Dutch Zorn Track and Field Invitational held on Thursday in Gothenburg. 
  On the flipside, Swede Tyce Hruza was crowned the champion of the pole vault and was the lone gold medalists for the TRIBUNE-Area boys teams. 
The Gothenburg girls collectively were third in the team race with 66 points. Lexington was close behind with 64 points in fourth place overall.  On the boys side, the Minutemen were sixth and the host Swedes were eighth in the team standings. 
Lexington’s Hana Brock showcased her great explosiveness to earn a pair of gold medal performances. Brock was the last one standing in the high jump, as she successfully cleared 4’10”; to win the crown. Soon after her conquest in the high jump, Brock went deep to the tune of 34’7” to win the triple jump in dominant fashion. Brock started off her day with a reach of 15’6” to finish fifth overall in the long jump competition. 
Winning the long jump and defending her home turf, Senior Kasey Wellmann scored a gold medal performance in the long jump by soaring above the sand to go deep to the tune of 17’2.5”. Lexington’s Madison Smith was less than three inches back of Wellmann by reaching past the 17’0” mark to finish second overall. 
In the triple jump, Wellmann was able to stretch past 33’0.5” to earn a fourth place medal for her efforts. 
After Madison Smith of Lexington started her day with the notable finish in the long jump, she took to the oval where she was able to blitz the field to earn the gold medal in the 400 meter dash by breaking the one-minute barrier with a stellar time of 58.96 seconds. 
Close behind Smith in the quarter-mile was Gothenburg Senior Andie Geiken with a time of 1:00 to finish third, Geiken would then go for the double with a bronze medal finish in the 200 (27.01) meter dash. 
Close behind Smith in the quarter-mile was Gothenburg Senior Andie Geiken with a time of 1:00 to finish third, Geiken would then go for the double with a bronze medal finish in the 200 (27.01) meter dash. 
Showcasing speed, grit and endurance was Lady Swede Kaitlyn Kleinknecht with a runner-up finish in the 300 (52.79) meter hurdles. 
Finishing strong, was Amaya Ackerman with a third place finish in the 100 meter dash, stopping the watch in 13.46 seconds. 
Gothenburg’s Kayla Weyers was able to circle the oval twice to finish fourth overall with a time of 2:31. 
Winning the lone gold medal on the boys side for the TRIBUNE-Area, Swede Tyce Hruza defied gravity to clear 14’10.75” to win the crown in the pole vault. Fellow Swede Wyatt Hotz was fourth overall after clearing 13’0”. 
 Lexington’s Ajack Waikur was able to build on his recent successes. Waikur was the bronze medalist in the high jump by going vertical over 6’2”. He was then able to finish his day with a fifth place run in the 110 meter high hurdles. 
Just ahead of Waikur in the 110 meter high hurdles was Gothenburg standout AJ Whiting with a fourth place medal being earned after stopping the watch in 16.26. 
Lexington sprinter Dalton Schumaker continues to shine in the sprints, as he earned a pair of medals. Schumaker was fourth in the 100 (11.76) meter dash and crossed the stripe in fifth in the 200 meter dash. 
In the distance running events, the Lexington duo of Jessica Virgilio and Yanni Vasquez were able to earn hardware. Virgilio was fourth in the girls 3200 (13:08) meter run while Yanni was also able to earn a fourth place medal, his coming in the 1600 (4:50) meter run. 
In the relay events, the Gothenburg and Lexington girls teams showcased their depth with success. 
The Gothenburg 1600 (4:11) and 3200 (9:57) meter relays were silver medalists to go along with the 1600 meter Medley relay silver medal finish. 
Lexington’s 400 (52.65) meter relay was second overall and the Maids 1600 meter (4:13) relay were the bronze medalist as well. 
Dutch Zorn Invitational
Girls Results
Aurora 96; Holdrege 91; Gothenburg 66; Lexington 64; Kearney Catholic 59.33; Sidney 56; McCook 54; Ogallala 35; Kearney 4.66. 
--Long Jump: 1. Kasey Wellmann (GB) 17’2.5”; 2. Madison Smith (LX) 17’0”; 5. Hana Brock (LX) 15’6”; Kenzie Graham (GB) 15’1.25”; Jami White (LX) 14’10”; Amaya Ackerman (GB) 14’7.5”.  
--Triple Jump: 1. Hana Brock (LX) 34’7”; 4. Kasey Wellmann (GB) 33’0.5”; Lauren Johnson (GB) 30’3”; Amya Bliven (GB) 29’6.5”; Kori Kowalewski (GB) 29’2.25”; Earlen Gutierrez (LX) 27’6.25”. 
--High Jump: 1. Hana Brock (LX) 4’10”; 5. Tessa Oliver (GB) 4’6”; Cara Hudson (GB) 4’2”. 
--Pole Vault: 1. Baylie Bryant (HO) 10’10”; Makenzie Johnson (LX) 7’0”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Cassidy Connell (HO) 40’4”; Gracie Stienike (GB) 34’8”; Arleigh Costello (GB) 34’6.5”; Maddi Sutton (LX) 33’8.5”; Jennifer Nava (LX) 33’8”; Justina Hoisington (LX) 31’2”; Ana Meisinger (GB) 30’9.5”. 
--Discus: 1. Anna Squiers (KC) 130’7”; 6. Karleigh Kleinknecht (GB) 107’5”; Maddi Sutton (LX) 106’9”; Ana Meisinger (GB) 94’10”; Arleigh Costello (GB) 89’2”; Gracie Stienike (GB) 85’11”; Justina Hoisington (LX) 84’1”; Johanna Jimenez (LX) 81’2”. 
--100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Emily Micek (KC) 16.28; Lauren Johnson (GB) 18.45; Ali Bartells (GB) 18.77; Olivia Morales (LX) 18.91; Tessa Oliver (GB) 19.69; Cecilia Rios (LX) 21.06. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Jaedy Commins (OG) 49.51; 2. Kaitlyn Kleinknecht (GB) 52.79; Cecilia Rios (LX) 55.92; Olivia Morales (LX) 56.10; Ali Bartels (GB) 58.21.
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Kelly Von Seggern (SD) 13.02; 3. Amaya Ackerman (GB) 13.46; Makenzie Johnson (LX) 13.86; Amber Brown (GB) 13.24; Earlen Gutierrez (LX) 14.49; Jessica Bartlett (GB) 14.66.    
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Jacee Pfeifer (HO) 26.53; 3. Andie Geiken (GB) 27.01; Makenzie Johnson (LX) 28.86; Elise Ackerman (GB) 30.25; Amya Bliven (GB) 29.9; Earlen Gutierrez (LX) 31.23.  
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Madison Smith (LX) 58.96; 3. Andie Geiken (GB) 1:00; Jami White (LX) 1:05; Alexis Sander (GB) 1:12; Margaret Lafuze (GB) 1:19. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Baylee Barnett (HO) 2:24; 4. Kayla Weyers (GB) 2:31; Courtney Harpole (GB) 2:34; McKenna Kiburz (LX) 2:37; Allison Nichols (GB) 2:55; Margaret Lafuze (GB) 3:15. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Jonna Bart (AU) 5:31; Jessica Virgilio (LX) 6:07; Yailin Santoyo (LX) 6:14; McKenna Kiburz (LX) 6:32. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Jonna Bart (AU) 12:17; 4. Jessica Virgilio (LX) 13:08. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 51.93; 2. Lexington 52.65; 6. Gothenburg 53.92. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Aurora 4:09; 2. Gothenburg 4:11; 3. Lexington 4:13. 
--1600 Meter Sprint Medley: 1. Aurora 4:31; 2. Gothenburg 4:36; 4. Lexington 4:43. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Aurora 9:52; 2. Gothenburg 9:57; 3. Lexington 10:03. 
Boys Results
McCook 118; Ogallala 106; Holdrege 77; Sidney 74; Aurora 60; Lexington 29; Kearney Catholic 25; Gothenburg 21; Kearney 17. 
--Long Jump: 1. Alex Linneman (SD) 21’8.5”; Clay Hernandez (LX) 18’10”; Levi Haines (LX) 18’7”; Vincent Nichols (GB) 18’1”; Kobe Lo (LX) 17’11.25”; Logan Carlson (GB) 17’8.5”; Evan Peterson (GB) 17’5.5”.    
--Triple Jump: 1. Dylan Bauman (HO) 40’10”; Kobe Lo (LX) 38’0”; Evan Peterson (GB) 36’1”; Anthony Mota (LX) 35’10.5”; Logan Carlson (GB) 34’0.75”. 
--High Jump: 1. Jakob Estrada (OG) 6’10.5”; 3. Ajack Waikur (LX) 6’2”; AJ Whiting (GB) 5’8”; Kody Miller (GB) 5’6”; Logen Callahan (LX) 5’6”; Brennan Seitsinger (GB) 5’2”.   
--Pole Vault: 1. Tyce Hruza (GB) 14’10.75”; 4. Wyatt Hotz (GB) 13’0”; Ean Bailey (LX) 11’0”; Dawson Young (GB) 10’6”; Jaxon Fagot (LX) 9’0”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Dalton Peters (AU) 56’7”; Pat Hudson (GB) 39’8”; Freddy Lopez (LX) 38’4”; Kris Pearson (GB) 35’11.5”; Jacob Canas (GB) 35’1.5”; Wilmer Hoisington (LX) 32’9”; Aidan Stuart (LX) 32’6”. 
--Discus: 1. Dalton Peters (AU) 149’11”; 5. Pat Hudson (GB) 137’5”; Freddy Lopez (LX) 124’3”; Jacob Canas (GB) 111’0”; Josh Olson (GB) 108’2”; Wilmer Hoisington (LX) 92’1”; Cristian Magana (LX) 91’7”.  
--110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Logan Hammond (OG) 15.1; 4. AJ Whiting (GB) 16.26; 5. Ajack Waikur (LX) 16.42; Riley Kopf (LX) 17.35; Vincent Nichols (GB) 17.05; Fernando Arias (LX) 17.99. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Logan Hammond (OG) 41.44; Vincent Nichols (GB) 45.95; Riley Kopf (LX) 46.21; Fernando Arias (LX) 47.59.  
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Cal Narber (AU) 11.67; 4. Dalton Schumaker (LX) 11.76; Jairo Alvarez (LX) 12.10; Luis Lam (LX) 12.39; Maguire Bartlett (GB) 13.07; Brennan Seitsinger (GB) 13.26. 
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Sam Smith (MC) 22.01; 5. Dalton Schumaker (LX) 23.75; Clay Hernandez (LX) 24.37; Jairo Alvarez (LX) 24.53; Tyler Tiede (GB) 25.66; Maguire Bartlett (GB) 26.63; Brennan Seitsinger (GB) 27.28.   
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Sam Smith (MC) 50.11; 6. Eddie Morales (LX) 53.57; Logen Callahan (LX) 54.58; Jose Orantes (LX) 57.0; Tyler Tiede (GB) 58.68.
--800 Meter Run: 1. Trevor Matousek (HO) 2:01; Hector Melendez (LX) 2:13. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Jack Lindgren (OG) 4:42; 4. Yanni Vasquez (LX) 4:50; Jose Andres (LX) 5:23; Kenny Shuman (GB) 5:48; Trenton Peterson (GB) 5:55; Matthew Shea (GB) 5:59. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Gavin Klein (HO) 10:13; Jose Andres (LX) 11:21; Trenton Peterson (GB) 13:16. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Sidney 44.3; 3. Lexington 45.85; Gothenburg 47.94.
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Sidney 3:29; 5. Lexington 3:40; Gothenburg 3:57. 
--1600 Sprint Medley: 1. Ogallala 3:49; 4. Lexington 3:56; 6. Gothenburg 4:09. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Ogallala 8:15; 5. Lexington 9:07; 6. Gothenburg 9:29. 

Maid Netters Flex Muscle During Home Invitational

unning for the volley and keeping the ball alive were extra incentives for the Minutemaid netters as they defended home hardcourt during the Lexington Tennis Invitational that was held on Tuesday. 
In the team race, McCook and Holdrege earned top honors; along with the host Minutemaids being close behind. 
Lexington Senior Lili Fattig has seen a ton of success during her career in singles and doubles action which has in turn allowed her versatility on the hardcourt. Fattig did her best to have a very memorable Lexington Invitational by finishing as the runner-up in the No. 1 Singles bracket. She cruised into the final round with a pair of 8-0 decisions over Scottsbluff’s Rachel Hancock and Kearney Catholic’s Laila Saadi. In the final round, Lili Fattig battled Lady Bison netter Cassidy Beeby. McCook’s Beeby was able to hold the advantage and score the 8-3 win.  
Coming in as the second seed, Brylee Lauby was destined for a successful day and she got just what the doctor ordered in finishing as the runner-up in the No. 2 Singles bracket. Brylee was edged in the final round by McCook’s Kassidy Michaelis by the score of 8-0. To reach the championship match, Lauby defeating Hershey’s Alanna Weir (8-0) before she won a thriller, 8-4 over Lady Duster Kate Keffeler in the semifinal matchup. 
The dynamic duo of Theresa Aguirre and Mallorie Buesher finished fourth overall in the highly touted No. 1 Doubles division. Aguirre and Buesher made quick work of the Gering duo of Paige Peterson and Sheridan Blanco to reach the semifinal round. In the semifinals, the Lexington pair were defeated by Holdrege’s McKenzie Wells and Kamryn Smith, 8-3. In their decisive consolation finals match, were defeated by North Platte’s Jordynn Simpson and Tea Guerra 8-6 after Aguirre and Buesher defeated Patriots Maddy Jacobi and Megan Hurt in the consolation semifinal round, 8-6. 
The Lexington pair of Jordan Hagan and Brooke Speer finished in a tie for fifth and sixth place honors in the No. 2 Doubles division after reaching the semifinal round where they were defeated by eventual champions, McCook. 

Cozad Track Teams Shine At Beck Invite

Taking full advantage of the ideal conditions were the Haymaker tracksters as they competed in the Marsh Beck Invitational held at Kuper Field in Minden on Thursday. 
The Cozad girls squad was in the team race with 144 points, trailing only champion Adams Centrals total of 194 points. 
The Lady Haymakers were led by the gold medal winning performances by Darci Hoffmaster, Kennedy Berreckman and Sydney Lindstedt along with the 400 meter relay. 
Senior Darci Hoffmaster was golden in the 100 meter dash, as she powered to the crown while breaking the tape in 13.0 seconds. 
Stepping to the forefront in her specialty, Kennedy Berreckman won the gold medal in the high jump after clearing 5’0”.
Spinning for the win was Sydney Lindstedt with a top effort of 105’8” in the discus to take home top honors. 
Flexing their muscle in the shotput, Alec Geiger (36’2”) and Ellie Stallbaumer (33’1.25”) were second and fourth overall.
The foursome of Darci Hoffmaster, MaKenzie Lee, Carissa Jensen and Jercey Irish teammed up to win the 400 meter relay in 51.8 seconds. 
Hanna Wright was the second overall in both the 100 (17.2) and 300 (49.9) meter hurdles. 
Megan Burkholder was the silver medalist in the pole vault by clearing 10’0”.
Natalie Engel circled the oval to finish second in the 400 meter dash with a time of 1:05. 
Leading the way on the boys side was Cameron Griffis with a gold medal winning run in the 400 meter dash by circling the oval in 53.1 seconds. 
Johnathan Neill and Jordan Menagh were bronze medalist in the High Jump and Pole Vault for the Haymakers. 
Girls Results
Adams Central 194; Cozad 144; Broken Bow 70; Minden 61; Gibbon 53. 
--Long Jump: 1. Emma Allen (AC) 16’2”; 3. MaKenzie Lee (CZ) 14’4”; 5. Brenna Dugan (CZ) 13’9.25”; Jercey Irish (CZ) 12’6”.  
--Triple Jump: 1. Emma Allen (AC) 34’8”; Katie Spaulding (CZ) 28’2”. 
--High Jump: 1. Kennedy Berreckman (CZ) 5’0”; 6. Abigail Nelson (CZ) 4’6”.   
--Pole Vault: 1. Matty Hoskins (MIN) 10’6”; 2. Megan Burkholder (CZ) 10’0”; Haley Cargill (CZ) 8’0”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Abby Queen (AC) 32’6.5”; Sydney Lindstedt (CZ) 27’8.5”; Bry Everett (CZ) 27’6”; Addy Hergenrader (CZ) 27’2.5”; Grace Cargill (CZ) 25’11”; Anna McCracken (CZ) 22’2.5”. 
--Discus: 1. Sydney Lindstedt (CZ) 105’8”; 5. Grace Cargill (CZ) 92’6”; Anna McCracken (CZ) 76’1”; Addy Hergenrader (CZ) 69’1”. 
--100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Allie Johnson (AC) 17.1; 2. Hanna Wright (CZ) 17.2; 3. Megan Burkholder (CZ) 17.8. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Allie Johnson (AC) 49.7; 2. Hanna Wright (CZ) 49.9; 4. Megan Burkholder (CZ) 52.8.   
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Darci Hoffmaster (CZ) 13.0; 3. Jercey Irish (CZ) 13.2; 4. MaKenzie Lee (CZ) 13.5; 7. Carissa Jensen (CZ) 13.72; Haley Cargill (CZ) 15.27.  
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Hannah Mulligan (AC) 27.7; 2. MaKenzie Lee (CZ) 28.0; 5. Carissa Jensen (CZ) 28.8; 6. Brenna Dugan (CZ) 28.9; Madison Wilkinson (CZ) 30.7; Jade Buss (CZ) 34.1.   
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Caitlin Tibbs (AC) 1:04; 2. Natalie Engel (CZ) 1:05; 4. Margaret McGinnis (CZ) 1:06; Taylor Hoff (CZ) 1:10; Megan Phaby (CZ) 1:14; Haley Cargill (CZ) 1:15. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Kaylee Palmieri (GB) 2:27; 4. Katelyn Calhoun (CZ) 2:38. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Grace Reiman (AC) 5:46; 5. Whitney Applegate (CZ) 6:07; Chloe Donahey (CZ) 7:20.  
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Lexie Foster (BB) 12:15; 3. Whitney Applegate (CZ) 12:22; Chloe Donahey (CZ) 16:07; Ahnika Svajgr (CZ) 16:19. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Cozad 51.8. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Adams Central 4:23; 4. Cozad 4:43. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Adams Central 10:17; 4. Cozad 11:09. 
Boys Results
Minden 163; Adams Central 142; Broken Bow 106.5; Gibbon 58; Cozad 48.5. 
--Long Jump: 1. Dylan Reynolds (BB) 22’10”; Riley Gainsforth (CZ) 15’5.25”; Devin Lytton (CZ) 14’7.5”; Anthony Nieznajko (CZ) 12’3.5”.
--Triple Jump: 1. Grant Edgecombe (MIN) 41’0.5”. 
--High Jump: 1. Chase Smith (GB) 5’10”; 3. Jonathan Neill (CZ) 5’6”; 5. Morgan Schroeder (CZ) 5’4”.   
--Pole Vault: 1. Joel Myers (BB) 13’0”; 3. Jordan Menagh (CZ) 12’0”; 5. Corbyn Sattler (CZ) 11’0”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Tysen McDowell (MIN) 49’11.5”; Josh Stallbaumer (CZ) 35’2.75”; Kade Mason (CZ) 31’7”; Alex Huertas (CZ) 30’0”; Silver Delgado (CZ) 29’4.5”; Greg Tvrdy (CZ) 27’8”. 
--Discus: 1. Justin Villars (MIN) 175’5”; Josh Stallbaumer (CZ) 91’5”; Alex Huertas (CZ) 89’7”; Kade Mason (CZ) 88’3”; Jakob Kostman (CZ) 74’3”; Greg Tvrdy (CZ) 69’8”.  
--110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Marshall Chasek (MIN) 15.3; 5. Morgan Schroeder (CZ) 17.1.  
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Marshall Chasek (MIN) 42.2; Morgan Schroeder (CZ) 46.3; Ben Wetovick (CZ) 47.4.    
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Ethan Lang (AC) 10.8; Devin Lytton (CZ) 12.1; Jonathan Neill (CZ) 12.43; Geoffrey Brandenberg (CZ) 12.85; Wilfredo Enamorado (CZ) 13.6; Anthony Nieznajko (CZ) 15.56.   
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Ethan Lang (AC) 22.5; 5. Cameron Griffis (CZ) 24.5; Devin Lytton (CZ) 24.8; Geoffrey Brandenberg (CZ) 26.0; Corbyn Sattler (CZ) 26.3; Anthony Nieznajko (CZ) 31.0. 
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Cameron Griffis (CZ) 53.1; Conner Wescoat (CZ) 57.2; Cameron Brock (CZ) 1:03. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Lucas Lahr (MIN) 2:08; 4. Austin Werner (CZ) 2:11; Blaine Emerson (CZ) 2:13. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Aidan Wheelock (MIN) 4:50; Gabe Estrada (CZ) 5:21; Chandler Brock (CZ) 5:26; Connor Geiger (CZ) 5:27; Cameron Brock (CZ) 6:06; Riley Gainsforth (CZ) 6:06.   
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Aidan Wheelock (MIN) 10:40; 4. Gabe Estrada (CZ) 11:12; Chandler Brock (CZ) 11:54; Riley Gainsforth (CZ) 14:10. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Minden 43.6. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Broken Bow 3:32; 4. Cozad 3:46. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Minden 8:43; 3. Cozad 9:10. 

Haymakers, Swedes & Minutemen Battle At Lexington Links Invite

Doing their best to circle the course the best were the Haymakers, Swedes and host Minutemen during the Lexington Links Invitational held at Lakeside Country Club on Tuesday. 
The Gothenburg golfers collectively were fifth place in the team standings with a score of 355. North Platte scored a collective score of 325 to win the team crown. Cozad was just four strokes back of the Swedes in sixth place with a score of 359.  On their home turf, Lexington gained valuable experience in scoring a total of 420. 
North Platte’s Kort Steele was the gold medalist with a score of 73 for his 18-hole performance. 
Leading the way for the TRIBUNE-Area linksters was eighth place medalist Dillon Geiser of Cozad. Geiser had a stellar day in scoring an 18-hole total of 83.
  Close behind was fellow Haymaker linkster Adam Cole in ninth place overall with a scorecard of 84. 
Swede linkster Grant Sell circled the course and turned in a carded score of 85 to finish 12th overall. 
John Kozeal had a notable round, with a score of 87 in 15th place overall for Gothenburg. 
Senior Collin Hahn played quite well for the Swedes by scoring an 89 in 17th place overall, scoring valuable team points for Gothenburg. 
Cozad’s Dillon Kolbo and Jackie Vu of Lexington just missed on being inside the top 25 with scores of 92 and 94, respectively. 
Team Standings
North Platte 325; Northwest 333; McCook 354; Holdrege 354; Gothenburg 355; Cozad 359; Grand Island 368; Ogallala 372; Minden 376; Broken Bow 392; Kearney 407; Lexington 420. 
Individual top Ten scores
1. Kort Steele  ...............NP   73
2. Marcus Eriksen  .........NW  78
3. Adam Mason..............NW  78
4. Kade Gray.................MC   78
5. Brennan Williams.......HO   82
6. Spencer Goodman.....GI     83
7. Seth Negley..............NP    83
8. Dillon Geiser.............CZ    83
9. Adam Cole...............CZ     84
10. Jake Kuehn............MIN   84
Dillon Geiser 83, Adam Cole 84, Dillon Kolbo 92, Luke Breon 100, Ethan Breon 118. 
Grant Sell 85; John Kozeal 87; Collin Hahn 89, Nathan Belanger 94, Nathan Jobman 102.  
Jackie Vu 94, Will Luther 106, Justin Winter 109, Eli Young 111, Eliazar Ochoa 145. 

Pirates & Knights Compete In Bertrand Invitational

Getting the chance to run on the same oval that will determine their postseason, the Elwood and Eustis/Farnam tracksters took advantage of the opportunity to compete in the Bertrand Invitational on Thursday. 
We had a large number of personal bests. Athletes are heading in the right direction,” expressed Elwood head coach Kurt Banzhaf. 
Continuing to dwindle down the Elwood School Records that already have her name etched on was Tiffany Dickau with gold medal wins in both the 1600 and 3200 meter runs. Dickau completed the four lap tour in 5:40 and stopped the watch by breaking the tape in the eight-lap affair with a time of 12:14. 
Showing great endurance in the highly paced middle distance events, Elwood’s Taylor Hickey was the runner-up in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:38 and a bronze medal finish in the 400 (1:05) meter dash. 
The Lady Pirates 1600 meter relay team of: Taylor Hickey, Hadley Martin, Holly Lonowski and Tiffany Dickau were the gold medalist with a clocking of 4:31. 
In the pole vault, the Pirates fared quite well with Aaron Clouse finishing fourth by clearing 9’6” and Holly Lonowski earning sixth place honors by sailing over 8’0” in the girls division. 
Elwood’s Zacob Evans was the gold medalist in the 3200 meter run with a time of 11:25. 
Pirate Christian Reeves was the silver medalist in the shotput with a top throw of 45’2”. 
Knight Adrian Gerken showcased great versatility to finish third in the triple jump (39’6.5”) and third in the 1600 meter run with a time of 5:14. 
Bertrand Invitational
Girls Results
Bertrand 118; Mullen 87; Maxwell 61.5; Elwood 54; Alma 48; Loomis 46.5; Southern Valley 43; SEM 28; Wilcox/ Hildreth 20; Overton 18; Eustis/Farnam 3. 
--Long Jump: 1. Sydney Mullin (MAX) 16’0.5”.    
--Triple Jump: 1. Sydney Mullin (MAX) 33’5”; Ali Jones (EF) 29’7.5”. 
--High Jump: 1. Addy Vinton (MUL) 4’10”.   
--Pole Vault: 1. Courtney Philips (BER) 9’0”; 6. Holly Lonowski (EL) 8’0”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Kristine Edgren (BER) 39’6.5”. 
--Discus: 1. Kristine Edgren (BER) 113’5”.
--100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Skylar Hadley (LO) 14.9. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Skylar Hadley (LO) 47.3; 6. Hadley Martin (EL) 54.2
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Karmen Schmitt-Phillip (BER) 13.0.   
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Sydney Mullin (MAX) 27.8. 
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Becca Lennemann (SV) 1:03; 3. Taylor Hickey (EL) 1:05; 6. Micky Blender (EF) 1:09. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Haley Jones (MUL) 2:31; 2. Taylor Hickey (EL) 2:38.
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Tiffany Dickau (EL) 5:40. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Tiffany Dickau (EL) 12:14; 5. Melissa Duran (EL) 15:11. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Bertrand 53.9. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Elwood 4:31. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Bertrand 10:47; 3. Elwood 10:58. 
Boys Results
Mullen 127; Bertrand 94; Loomis 82; SEM 44; Southern Valley 40; Elwood 38; Wilcox/Hildreth 30; Alma 22; Overton 22; Eustis/Farnam 14; Maxwell 12; Bertrand 1. 
--Long Jump: 1. Miles Peterson (BER) 19’4”.
--Triple Jump: 1.  Will Huffman (MAX) 41’4.5”; 3. Adrian Gerken (EF) 39’6.5”. 
--High Jump: 1. Burke Boehler (AL) 5’10”.   
--Pole Vault: 1. AJ Jenkins (WH) 11’6”; 4. Aaron Clouse (EL) 9’6”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Creighton Peterson (BER) 48’11.75”; 2. Christian Reeves (EL) 45’2”. 
--Discus: 1. Tell Spies (MUL) 139’5”; 4. Jake Gydesen (EL) 116’7”. 
--110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Lance Moore (MUL) 15.1. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Lance Moore (MUL) 41.2; 6. Adrian Gerken (EF) 46.7 
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Levi Asp (LO) 11.5.
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Levi Asp (LO) 23.6; 4. Aaron Clouse (EL) 25.5. 
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Ivan Varela (SV) 53.2. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Luke Christen (MUL) 2:08.
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Luke Christen (MUL) 5:05; 3. Adrian Gerken (EF) 5:14; 4. Zacob Evans (EL) 5:16.   
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Zacob Evans (EL) 11:25; 5. Ben Bogle (EL) 11:52. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Bertrand 46.7. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Mullen 3:36. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Mullen 9:06; 5. Elwood 9:47; 6. Eustis/Farnam 10:34. 

TRIBUNE-Area Sports Rewind:

Lexington goalkeeper Kenzie Hammond tallied 32 saves in the Minutemaids 1-0 shootout victory over York in girls soccer action. 
In an offensive shootout of such, the Minutemen dispatched over York by the score of 7-3 in boys soccer action. The Lexington offensive forces played with gumption to earn a 3-1 lead at the end of the first half and built upon that early lead with a four goal second half to cruise to the convincing 7-3 victory. Edwin Contreras had a hat trick for the Orange and Black with two of the goals being netted in the first half of play. Omar Abdullahi had a pair of goals for the Minutemen. 
Gothenburg’s Brandon Wlasiuk was golden in wining the high jump crown at the Don Bader Invitational by clearing 6’1” to win top honors. 
Going on to the next level, Lexington linebacker Ryan Gruntorad inked his name on the dotted line to play football at Doane College. 
Led by the elite efforts of Tessa Terry and Gretchen Clark, the Lady Haymakers Track and Field squad had a stellar day at the Marsh Beck Invitational in Minden. Terry won the triple jump, as she reached past 33’6” and Clark was the last one standing in the high jump, as she ‘fosbury flopped’ over 5’2”. 
Etching his name into the CHS record books, Luke Pinkelman powered the shotput past 63’10.5” to set the new mark while competing at the Marsh Beck Track and Field Invitational in Minden. 
The Minutemen were right on the money when it counted most in making its first four shots in a shootout to score a 2-1 win over Holdrege. Patrick Matelski scored the game-tying goal for the Orange and Black in the second half of play. 
Lexington’s girls tennis team romped past Hastings and Adams Central in a net triangular. The Maids won seven of the eight matches they played. Michaela Konen picked up a bonus with her win over Kate Boyd of Hastings at #2 Singles. The two had been scheduled to play in the #2 singles championship match in the Lincoln Pius X/Beatrice Invitational on April 20. Konen’s win gave her that meet’s gold medal, as well. The #1 doubles duo of Lauren Pfister and Lindsay Hain scored an 8-0 win over Jenna Eichman and Krystle Hogan, then had to post a valiant comeback against Adams Central, winning 8-5.
Jessica German of Cozad walked away with a share of four gold medals at the Cozad Quad Track and Field Meet. German swept the gold medals in the sprinting events, winning the 100, 200 and 400-meter dashes and tied for first with fellow Lady Haymaker Claire Berreckman in the high jump. Erin Love came within a hair of setting a school record in the girls pole vault for Cozad. Love successfully cleared 9’6”, to tie the existing school record that she shares now with Kayla Parker. Morgan Butler was a double winner for Cozad’s girls, as she claimed the shotput and discus crowns. Miranda Trejo was Cozad’s gold medalist in the 100-meter timbers. Gothenburg’s girls picked up four individual gold medals. Karissa Slack won the 3200-meter run and the Swedes swept the 1600 and 3200-meter relay events. Amanda Max won the long jump for the Lady Swedes. 
Former Haymaker standout Chris Dishman was drafted in the fourth round by the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League during the NFL Draft. While competing for the Cornhuskers, Dishman was an Associated Press All-American and Outland Trophy Award semi-finalist. Chris is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Junior Dishman of Cozad.
Lady Haymaker Kelly Rhone dominated girls’ sprinting events in the Minden Track and Field Invitational. Rhone scored 20 points by sweeping the 100 and 200-meter dashes in 12.6 and 25.88 seconds, respectively. A quartet of boys scored big for the Haymakers. Brian Davis notched third and fifth place medals in the 3200 (11:01) and 1600-meter runs (5:01). High jumper Zach LaBrayere cleared 5’10” to earn fifth place accolades. Sticking with the theme totally and another fifth was logged by Robb Mundell  was fifth in the triple jump with a top leap of 40’8”.
Strong enough to run through the wind at the Lexington Invitational were Gothenburg’s Kim Ritola and Lexington’s Becky Stieb, as they took center stage. Ritola picked up individual gold medals in the 200 and 400-meter dashes in 26.2 and 1:00, respectively. Ritola also anchored the Lady Swedes gold medal winning 400 and 1600-meter relays. Stieb won the 1600-meter run in a new season-best time of 5:34, she also was the class of the field in the 3200-meter run as she crossed the finish line in 12:09. Stieb also had success on a relay team, as the Maids 3200-meter relay team won gold. Stieb teamed up with Kari Schukar, Carrie Knapp and KayCee Muma to finish in 10:16.
Despite the adverse and diminishing conditions, the Lexington Minutemen were able to place six golfers in the top eight to walk away with the  Dawson County Crown. Gothenburg was runner-up with 409 strokes, while Cozad was third overall with a  combined total of 450. Leading the individual standings was Lexington’s J.J. Lauby with a score of 76. Swedes Matt Viergutz and Tom Fecht were the only other golfers to break the 80-stroke barrier, and for their efforts, they placed second and third, respectively. Each carded round scores of 78.
The links battle for bragging rights was held at the Cozad Country Club, as they hosted the Dawson County Golf Championship. The Minutemen walked away with the team title shooting a combined score of 408. The host Haymakers were runner-up with a 430 total and Gothenburg shot a 437 to finish in third place in the team race. Lexington’s Jim Long shot a first round score of 40 and then came back to record the low nine-hole total of the day with a 37 for an 18-hole count of 77. Gothenburg’s Jai Andrist was on the heels of  Long, with his carded 79 (39-40) in second place. Jeff Klein of Cozad won a two-hole playoff over Lex’s Eric Franzen to place third with an 81.
The Eustis girls scored 84 points at the Kearney State College Outdoor Invitational, but had to settle for runner-up honors in the team race. Wheeler Central took the team title with 94.5 points. The Tigers won six events in the meet. Corinne Kraus, Tracy Gengenbach, Tina Houser and the 1600 relay were all winners. Kraus just missed hitting 16 feet in the long jump with her gold medal leap of 15’11”. Gengenbach won the 400-low hurdles in 54.0 seconds. Houser was the big-time gold medal winner as she won the gold medals in the 200 (27.1), 400 (1:01) and in the 800 meter run in 2:36. It was Houser, Kraus, Gengenbach and Stacey Grabenstein teaming to win the 1600-meter relay in 4:28.

Local Pool Players Shine In APA Tournament

Showcasing their expertise on the billards table were a large group of competitors looking to earn the winnings and bragging rights while competing in the American Poolplayers Association (APA) 9-Ball Fun & Cash Tournament that was recently held in Gothenburg. 
One of the last one’s standing was Tim McGuire of Lexington in third place overall.  
Leslie Trullinger of Gothenburg and Lexington’s Chris Lange both finished in a logjam for fifth place honors. 
The tournament hosted 32 shooters from all over western Nebraska and paid cash prizes to the top 25% of the field.
For more information about the APA Pool Leagues, call 308-344-4811.  Or follow the Western Nebraska APA Pool Leagues on Facebook.

Lady Haymakers and Swedes Finish Second & Third In SWC Tournament

The action was very heated between familiar foes as the Lady Haymakers and Lady Swedes competed in the final four of the Southwest Conference (SWC) shootout on Friday and Saturday in Kearney. 
The Cozad cagers finished as the tournament runner-up and the Gothenburg hoopsters finished strong to the tune of a third place finish. 
Showcasing strong defense  was the name of the game for the Lady Haymakers as they used the opportunities to score a 39-23 win over Ogallala in the semifinal round of the SWC Tournament on Friday. 
In the early going, the Ogallala defense was able to trump the efforts of the Lady Haymakers. The Lady Indians were able to score an 8-5 lead before the horn sounded on the first quarter of play. 
It seemed as if the sounding of the horn woke up the sleeping giant, as the Lady Haymakers turned the tides by outscoring Ogallala 16-5 during the second quarter to enter the halftime break with a eight-point lead, 21-13. 
With the added influence on the defensive ends, the Ogallala and Cozad hoopsters tightened up the reins to limit the offensive scoring during the third quarter of play. In a showdown that resembled a slugfest, with neither side backing down, the Lady Haymakers and Lady Indians stalemated during the frame with both teams netting eight points, to make the score 29-21 with just one quarter remaining in regulation. 
Just as they had in the second quarter, the Lady Haymakers took the bull by the horns and finished strong during the fourth quarter of play. The Cozad hoopsters took advantage of the opportunities and flourished on the defensive end by limiting Ogallala to just two points while countering with their own offensive surge that tickled the twine with 10 points to give the Lady Haymakers a 39-23 victory over Ogallala. 
Cozad collectively shot 34 percent from the field and held Ogallala to just 24 percent shooting for the contest. The Lady Haymakers dominated on the boards with a 33-18 edge over the Lady Indians. 
Leading the way for the Red and Black was Kennedy Berreckman with 12 points and six rebounds. 
Cozad Senior Sarah Yocom had a stellar game despite the defensive attention by netting 11 points, seven rebounds, four steals and a pair of assists. 
Ogallala  8   5  8   2 -23
Cozad     5 16  8 10 -39
Cozad: Kennedy Berreckman 12, Sarah Yocom 11, Hanna Wright 8, Abby Cornelius 3, Alyssa Schneider 3, Ellie Stallbaumer 2. 
In Gothenburg’s semifinal contest, they stepped up to the plate and battled top seed Minden. The Lady Swedes led early but it was the pressure defense and timely scoring that resulted in the Whippets earning the 55-21 win over the upset minded Gothenburg hoopsters on Friday. 
The Lady Swedes snared an early 6-0 lead but it was the Minden shooters that responded to score a 13-8 lead at the end of the first quarter of play. 
Continuing to work their offensive system with success during the second stanza, the Lady Swedes netted six points in an attempt to keep pace with the hot shooting Minden cagers that flexed the net for 13 points in the period to hold a 26-14 lead at halftime. 
Coming out of the break, the Lady Swedes displayed consistency by netting six points to trail by the count of 37-20 with just one quarter remaining in regulation play. 
During the fourth quarter, the Lady Whippets were able to secure their win by outscoring Gothenburg. The Lady Swedes  were defeated by Minden, 55-21. 
Leading the way for the Lady Swedes was Gracie Stienike with 14 points, five rebounds and three steals. 
Gothenburg  8   6  6    1  -21
Minden       13 13 11  18 -55
Gothenburg: Gracie Stienike 14, Jaci Teahon 2, McKenna Peterson 2, Kasey Wellmann 2, Arleigh Costello 1. 
As a result of their semifinal defeat, the Lady Swedes would face off with Ogallala in the consolation finals of the SWC Tournament on Saturday.
The Lady Swedes fast start and strong finish was the winning formula for Gothenburg in a 45-42 slugfest victory over Ogallala for third place honors.
Gothenburg got out of the gates with gumption to lead by the count of 12-8 by the time the first quarter ended. 
It was during the second period that the Lady Indians of Ogallala returned the favor with their own offensive surge to cut the deficit to just a Gothenburg one-point lead, 21-20 at the halftime break.  
Cashing in on their opportunities during the third quarter, the Lady Swedes were able to inch away on the scoreboard to lead by two-points, 32-30 with just one quarter left in regulation. 
Gothenburg was able to score from the charity stripe down the stretch to net a 45-42 win over Ogallala to finish in third place. 
The Lady Swedes were led in scoring by the inside-outside combination of Gracie Stienike with 15 points and McKenna Peterson netting 12 points. 
Ogallala        8 12  10  12 -42
Gothenburg 12  9  11  13 -45
Gothenburg: Gracie Stienike 15, McKenna Peterson 12, Trystan Baker 7, Jaci Teahon 5, Arleigh Costello 4, Natalie Kennicutt 2. 
With their semifinal win, the Lady Haymakers would face top seed, Minden in the SWC Finals on Saturday.  
Cozad fell behind early and wasn’t able to recover. The Lady Whippets were able to build an early lead and score a 65-32 win over the Lady Haymakers. 
At the end of the first quarter, the Cozad cagers trailed 17-7 and then 32-15 entering the halftime break in the action. 
The intermission didn’t simmer the hot shooting Whippets that pushed further ahead during the third quarter, with a 17-7 scoring surge that moved the Whippets lead to 49-22 and finally at 65-32 when the final horn sounded.
Cozad was led by the efforts of Sarah Yocom with 12 points, 10 rebonds and four assists. 
Brenna Dugan and Kennedy Berreckman dropped in six and five points, respectively. 
Cozad     7  8   7  10 -32
Minden 17 15 17  16 -65
Cozad: Sarah Yocom 12, Brenna Dugan 6, Kennedy Berreckman 5, Ellie Stallbaumer 4, Abby Thramer 3, Abby Cornelius 2. 



Knights Duel With Host Elwood Hoopsters


The Eustis/Farnam hoopsters were able to earn the bragging rights by defeating the host Pirates in a Highway 23 girls/ boys hoops doubleheader held in Elwood on Thursday. 
The Lady Knights were able to flex their muscle on the offensive end during the second quarter to gain a lead that they never relinquished in scoring a 44-33 win over Elwood. 
Throughout the first quarter of play, the Lady Knights and Pirates defensive efforts stood strong with the Eustis/Farnam girls holding a slight edge, 8-7 as the horn sounded in the opening quarter of play. 
During the second stanza, the Lady Knights were able to outscore Elwood 16-8 to enter halftime with a 24-13 lead. 
The scoring punch by the Lady Knights continued to flourish in the third quarter as the Black and Gold were able to inch away 33-20 with just one quarter remaining. 
Elwood connected on a pair of trifectas in the fourth quarter  but it wasn’t enough to overcome the sharpshooting from the charity stripe by Eustis/Farnam that propelled them to a 44-33 victory. 
Ali Jones and Micky Blender led the Lady Knights with 14 points apiece. 
The Lady Pirates were led by Manon Martin with nine points.
Eustis/Farnam  8 16 9  11 -44
Elwood            7  6  7  13 -33
Eustis/Farnam: Ali Jones 14, Micky Blender 14, Leigh-Anne Lehmann 7, Sammy Jack 7, Sara Pleschourt 1, Valan Bellamy 1. 
Elwood: Manon Martin 9, Tiffany Dickau 7, Felicia Knoerzer 7, Katie Kleine 5, Taylor Hickey 3, Baylee Diefenbaugh 2. 
In the second half of the double-dip, there was an offensive shootout that lit up the scoreboard. The Knights strong second half powered Eustis/ Farnam to a 65-53 win over the host Pirates of Elwood. 
In the opening quarter, the fast break scoring of the Pirates was able to net a 19-16 lead. 
Fending off foul trouble, the Knights did their best in hopes of staying in contention entering the halftime break as they netted 16 points to enter the intermission trailing 38-34.  Aaron Clouse had a strong first half for the Pirates with 16 points in the period. 
During the third frame of play, the Eustis/Farnam shooters started heating up as Hayden Rupe hit a pair of threes that sandwiched a trifecta from Shaye Collins that propelled the Knights to take a 45-44 lead with just one quarter remaining in regulation. 
During the final eight minutes, the Knights went ballistic for 23 points that included Shaye Colllins and Kaleb Gibbens dialing long distance twice to power Eustis/Farnam to the 65-53 victory. 
Kaleb Gibbens led the Knights with 23 points. 
Hayden Rupe and Shaye Collins dropped in 20 points apiece for Eustis/Farnam. 
Sharpshooter Aaron Clouse led the Pirates with a team-high 19 points. 
Eustis/Farnam 16 16 13 23 -65
Elwood           19 19  6   9 -53
Eustis/Farnam:  Kaleb Gibbens 23, Hayden Rupe 20, Shaye Collins 20, Taylor O’Connell 2. 
Elwood: Aaron Clouse 19, Kallen Nickell 13, Jake Gydesen 12, Kalyn Beam 6, Timmy Smith 10. 

Nebraska State High School Cheer & Dance Championships Will Be Held February 17-18th

The 10th annual Nebraska State High School Cheer & Dance Championships will take place at the Heartland Events Center in Grand Island on Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18. Nearly 2,100 athletes from across the state will showcase their athletic skills in both cheerleading and dance performances in eight total categories.17-18
Classes A & B will perform on Friday, while Classes C1, C2 and D will compete on Saturday.
A detailed schedule of the performances will be posted by February 1 at www.ncacoach.org/cheerdance.php
Championship results will also be posted at the same location at the conclusion of each day’s overall competition.
The gates at Heartland Events Center will open to the public at 8:00 am each day with performances starting at 9:00 am. This annual event not only serves as a championship platform for high school student- athletes, but also serves as a significant fundraising event for the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame located in Lincoln. Daily admission is $8 for adults and $6 for students K-12. Pre-K and younger are free.

Haymakers Gain Steam At Raymond Central Invite

 While competing against some of the best Class B wrestlers that Eastern Nebraska has to offer, the Haymakers finished quite well after hard-earned hardware was returned back to Cozad. 
In the team race, the Haymakers were eighth overall with 86 points, Schuyler was able to claim the crown with 195 points. 
Leading the way for the Red and Black were runner-up finishes by Jace Russman at 120 lbs. and Zeke Derr at 182 points. Russman was edged 5-4 by Celvin Lopez of Schuyler in the championship match. Derr was defeated in an offensive shootout 10-8 by Gavin Eason of Norris in the final round. 
Finishing with bronze medalist honors for their work on the mat was Breckin Loftin (106) and Taylor Yancy (170). Lftoin was defeated in the quarterfinal round, only to recover quite nicely with four straight wins to earn third place. Yancy was also defeated in the quarterfinals and climbed back onto the medal stand with three straight pins. 
Haymakter strongmen Robbie Fisher and Cade Stott brought home fifth and sixth place medals, respectively. 

Lexington Powerlifters Shine In Beatrice Meet On Saturday

The Lexington Powerlifters had a superb day competing in the Beatrice Powerlifting meet on Saturday
Lexington won the girls team race and the boys team was the runner-up. Combined the Lexington athletes finished second overall in the co-ed division. 
In their individual weight divisions, Lexington had three first place finishers: Makenna Johnson, Alexis Nava and Justina Hoisington. Johnson was named as the Lifter of the Meet. 
Joana Castillo, Mallory Olmstead and Maria Zamora earned silver medalist honors for the girls squad. 
Sandra Adame and Gabriela Plazas were bronze medalists. 
On the boys side, Lexington had a pair of first place finishers with Gerardo Caldera and Freddy Lopez earning top honors. 
Earning silver medalist accolades were: John Howard, Mark Barrientos, Armando Guido, Luis Lam and Oracio Corona. 
Bring home the bronze medal for their efforts were: Fredy Velasquez, Kobe Lo, Jairo Alvarez, Jose Morelos and Rafael Hernandez. 
The Lexington athletes competed against lifters from Beatrice, Columbus Scotus, Southern Valley and Lincoln High School. 

Cozad, Gothenburg and Lexington Dig For Gold At John Higgins Invitational

The John Higgins Wrestling Invitational hosted 16 teams competing for top honors and bragging rights on Saturday in Lexington.
Lincoln Southwest (157) won the team crown with host Lexington finishing as the runner-up (149.5), the Swedes of Gothenburg were sixth and the Cozad grapplers were 14th overall in the team standings. 
Swede Bryce Larson stepped into the spotlight as a weight division champion to lead the the Cardinal-clad grapplers. 
Gothenburg’s Bryce Larson won the gold medal at 126 lbs. by earning an 8-4 decision for the win over Kaden Wren of Scott City in the finals. To reach the championship match, Larson pinned Chayton Koch of Lincoln Southwest and recorded a technical fall win, 19-4 over Ben Garland of Beatrice at the 3:50 mark of their match.  
Bryce Brown (Hastings)106 lbs
Jayson Scott (North Platte)113 lbs
Trey Arellano (Sidney)120 lbs
Bryce Larson (Gothenburg)126 lbs
Connor Laux (Hastings)132 lbs
Jake Cluxton (Bennington)138 lbs
Josh Pokorny (Bennington)145 lbs
Derek Robb (Sidney)152 lbs
Wyatt Hayes (Scott City)160 lbs
Prestin Melroy (Holdrege)170 lbs
Justin Shaw (Lincoln Southwest)182 lbs
Jarrett Myers (Lincoln Southwest)195 lbs
Connor Clanton (Lincoln Southwest)220 lbs
Hunter Brenn (Holdrege)285 lbs
Scoring big points for the host Minutemen were a quartet of silver medalists that included Andy Rojas, Austin Probasco, Pierro Garcia and Jade Wurth. 
 In the medal round, Andy Rojas was dfeeated by major decision (11-2) by Hastings grappler Bryce Brown. Rojas was able to showcase his offensive mat skills in winning a technical fall (18-0) over Carson Richards of McCook and pinning Corben Linch of Gothenburg to reach the final round at 106 lbs. 
In a mat chess match, Austin Probasco was edged by Jake Cluxton of Bennington in the championships at 138 lbs. by the score of 3-1. Probasco worked his way to the final round by defeating Brody Raines of Sidney (8-6) and pinning Kanyon Eckard of Cozad. 
Having a ton of success on Saturdaty was Pierro Garcia at 160 lbs. as he finished second as a result of getting pinned by Wyatt Hayes of Scott City. To advance to the final round, Garcia defeated Jacob Pinkerton of Beatrice (10-3) and had an opening round pin of Dunncan Rogers of McCook. 
In a slugfest at 285 lbs., Jade Wurth was the runner-up to Hunter Brenn of Holdrege via pinfall. Wurth was able to showcase great mat presence to win a 1-0 decision over Jason Brunk of Bennington after he pinned Josh Callejas of Hastings in the opening round. 
Lexington got big points from the likes of Brady Fago (113), Trystan Berry (132) and Tomas Margritz (152) all finishing fourth overall. 
Riley Kopf (145) was fifth and Josh Duncan was sixth at 170 lbs. 
Coach Derek Hammerlun’s   Haymakers also profited with a pair of grapplers making the medal stand despite the outbreak of sickness at Cozad High School. 
Haymaker Zeke Derr was a pinning artist in the early rounds to then meet up with highly ranked Justin Shaw of Lincoln Southwest. Shaw was able to score the major decision (9-1) win over Derr, who took home the silver medalist honors. Derr pinned Zane Platte of Gothenburg and Beatrice’s Jason Stevens to reach the medal round. 
Flyweight Jace Russman used his strength to his advantage to earn fourth place honors at 120 lbs. Russman was forced to settle with fourth place as a result of the five-match limit being reached. After a first round win via major decision, Russman was defeated by Jacob Kubicka of Adams Central. Russman then won three straight matches to reach the consolation final round. 
Cozad’s Breckin Loftin (106), Cade Stott (195) and Robbie Fischer (220) were one win away from medaling. 
Along with Larson, there were eight Swedes that earned hardware at Lexington. 
Noah Gugleman scored big for Gothenburg with a bronze medal finish at 195 lbs. Gugleman was able to pin Kyle Sherwood of Scott City at the 2:45 mark of their consolation finals match. Noah reached the medal round as a result of a pin and a major decision. 
Wyatt Hotz (120) and Trevor Holley (113) finished fifth overall in their respective weight divisions. 
Taking home sixth place medals for Gothenburg were: Noah Larson (132), Kaihden Brown (145), Wyatt Anderson (152) and Zane Platter (182). 
Team Standings
Lincoln Southwest 157; Lexington 149.5; Holdrege 143.5; Bennington 139; Scott City 119; Gothenburg 113.5; McCook 113; Hastings 109; Adams Central 95; Sidney 85.5; Beatrice 79.5; Bellvue West 67.5; North Platte 66; Cozad 48; Hershey 36. Holyoke 0. 
--106 lbs: Bryce Brown (HAS) maj. dec. Andy Rojas (LX), 11-2.  
--113 lbs: Jayson Scott (NP) pinned Blayne Kile (HAS), 5:02. 
--120 lbs: Trey Arellano (SID) pinned Broc Hall (BEN), 3:57. 
--126 lbs: Bryce Larson (GOT) dec. Kaden Wren (SC), 13-1. 
--132 lbs: Connor Laux (HAS) dec. Devin Delancey (BEN), 3-0. 
--138 lbs: Jake Cluxton (BEN) dec. Austin Probasco (LX), 3-1. 
--145 lbs: Jos Pokorney (BEN) pinned Zach Hurlbert (HOL), 4:00. 
--152 lbs: Derek Robb (SID) maj. dec. Jarret Jurgens (SC), 8-0. 
--160 lbs: Wyatt Hayes (SC) pinned Pierro Garcia (LX), 1:46. 
--170 lbs: Preston Melroy dec. Braiden Ruffin (NP), 4-3. 
--182 lbs: Justin Shaw (LSW) maj. dec. Zeke Derr (CZ), 9-1. 
--195 lbs: Jarrett Myers (LSW) pinned Jaret Matson (MC), 6:00. 
--220 lbs: Connor Clanton (LSW) pinned Kaleb Taylor (MC), 3:17. 
--285 lbs: Hunter Brenn (HOL) pinned Jade Wurth (LX), 3:59. 
--106 lbs: Carson Richards (MC) dec. Tanner York (BEA), rule. 
--113 lbs: Threon Tucker (SC) dec. Brady Fago (LX), 14-8. 
--120 lbs: Jacob Kubicka (AC) dec. Jace Russman (CZ), rule.  
--126 lbs: Nolan Barry (AC) dec. Joel Smith (HAS), 8-2. 
--132 lbs: Oscar Baird (BW) tech fall Trystan Berry (LX), 18-2.  
--138 lbs: Tyler Johnston (HOL) pinned Alec Manzano (NP), 4:25.
--145 lbs: Noalan Koehler (BW) pinned Jacob Mackley (HER), 4:59. 
--152 lbs: Logan MacDonald (BEN) dec. Tomas Margritz (LX), 9-8. 
--160 lbs: Jacob Pinkerton (BEA) dec. Tyler Carstens (LSW), 5-2. 
--170 lbs: Damen Pape (HAS) dec. Corey Brown (AC), 6-0. 
--182 lbs: Chaten Edgren (HOL) pinned Logan Vrbas (MC), 2:12.  
--195 lbs: Noah Gugelman (GOT) pinned Kyle Sherwood (SC), 2:45. 
--220 lbs: Bronson Titus (HOL) dec. Bryan McGahan (HER), 10-3.
--285 lbs: Zach Wioskowski (AC) pinned Colin Giron (MC) 1:43. 

Lexington Battles With Rival Cozad In Hoops Double-Dip

Living up to the hype, the Highway 30 rivalry renewal was as good as advertised as host Cozad battled Lexington in a girls/boys hoops doubleheader on Thursday evening.  
The Lady Haymakers were able to cash in on their opportunities down the stretch to score the 42-36 victory over the Minutemaids as a result of a strong 12-1 fourth quarter. 
Cozad was able to soar ahead in the early going with a 19-13 lead at the end of the first quarter of play. 
 Lexington was able to turn the tides by outscoring the host Lady Haymakers, 11-6 during the second quarter to enter the halftime break, trailing by just one point, 25-24 to Cozad. 
The Maids continued to flourish in the third quarter, as they took a 35-30 lead before the horn sounded on the period. 
During the final eight minutes, Cozad outscored Lexington 12-1 to net the 42-36 victory. 
Sarah Yocom led the Lady Haymakers with a double-double of 21 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists. 
Hanna Wright dropped in seven for the Lady Haymakers. 
Courtney Hanson led Lex with 14 points and five caroms. 
Lexington 13 11 11 1  -36
Cozad      19  6   5 12 -42
Cozad: Sarah Yocom 21, Hanna Wright 7, Ellie Stallbaumer 6, Kennedy Berreckman 5 Alyssa Schneider 3. 
Lexington: Courtney Hanson 14, Lili Fattig 8, Ashley Alumit 8, Brylee Lauby 6. 
In the second half of the doubleheader, Lexington defeated Cozad, 66-41. 
The score was knotted at 15-15 at the end of the first quarter and it was the Minutemen that broke free to lead 35-28 at the halftime break. 
Continuing to flourish on offense, Lexington fast breaked for 22 points in the third quarter to extend their lead to 57-36. 
The Minutemen were able to grind out the clock and earn the 66-41 victory over Cozad. 
Jake Leger led all scorers with 15 points for Lexington. 
Lexington 15 20 22 9 -66
Cozad      15 13  8  5 -41
Cozad: Trestian Siemering 12, Blaine Emerson 12, Nate Neil 7, Dillon Geiser 6, Kyle German 3, Toby Salazar 1. 
Lexington: Jake Leger 15, Dylan Richman 12, Andrew Saiz 10, Hunter Kiburz 10, Jonas Martin 7, Nick Saiz 5, Easton Young 5, Alan Zamarippa 2. 

Achieving Elite Status


Cozad & Gothenburg Win Opening Round SWC Tourney Hoops Contests

Getting off to a great start is a promising position for both the Cozad and Gothenburg girls and boys hoops teams as they advanced to the final four in the Southwest Conference (SWC) Tournament on Monday. 
In the Lady Haymakers contest with McCook, the Cozad cagers finished strong with 16 points in the fourth quarter to earn a hard-fought, 42-35 victory. 
Cozad led early 11-4 at the end of the first quarter that turned into a 18-15 lead at halftime. 
The deficit didn’t change during the third quarter as both teams scored eight points. 
During the fourth quarter, Cozad netted 16 points to score the 42-35 victory. 
Sarah Yocom had a dynamite game with 28 points and eight rebounds. 
In the Lady Swedes opener, they dispatched Broken Bow, 44-35. 
Behind a big scoring second half, the Gothenburg hoopsters turned a 14 -6 halftime lead into a momentum turning 35-20 lead by the end of the third quarter of play. 
Gothenburg was able to net nine points to polish off the  44-35 victory. 
Gracie Stienike had a double-double of 19 points and 10 rebounds. 
The Gothenburg boys scored early and often to cruist to a 74-27 win over Valentine. 
The Swedes led by the sweet sound of 27-11 at the end of the first quarter and never looked back as they led 48-16 at the halftime break. 
Gothenburg was able to gain valuable playing time for numerous players to score the 74-27 victory over Valentine. 
The Haymaker boys were able to play with gumption and scored a 61-54 victory over Minden. 
Cozad led 16-12 at the end of the first quarter and 34-23 entering halftime. 
The Haymakers were able to weather the scoring stormduring the second half to earn the 61-54 win over Minden. 
Trestian Siemering led the Haymakers with 21 points. 

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