'Never Forget Walk Travels Through Cozad

Doing something that he always wanted to do with Benny, Army Infantry veteran Michael Crosby is walking across America with Bo Balling on the American Discovery Trail, which spans from Florida to San Francisco, California. 
This past week, Colton Derr of Cozad observed the pair walking along Highway 30 and gave them a ride into Cozad, where the Derr family assisted the Crosby and Balling to have a weekend they won’t soon forget during Hay Days. 
Crosby and his lifelong friend Benny enlisted in the military together and always talked of walking across America. During their second tour in Iraq, Benny was killed by an IED. 
The ‘Never Forget Walk’ that Crosby and Balling are on, isn’t about raising funds. It’s more about crossing something off of their bucket lists of and seeing America one step at a time. Screen_Shot_2016-09-16_at_9.03.35_AM.png

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