Rural Futures Institute To Assist With Camp Comeca This Summer

The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) is excited to announce a unique partnership with Cozad called the Serviceship Program. Through this partnership, a three-week summer course has been developed followed by an eight-week summer internship. Students are sent to communities in pairs to live, work, and play in their assigned community for the duration of the program. The results have been outstanding, and have opened student’s eyes to the dreams and ambitions of the community. It has also allowed for community residents to see their region in a new way, through the eyes of a college student.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Graduate students, Brierly and Mackenzie Kuhudzayi, will be working with Cozad for the duration of eight weeks. Throughout the summer, their projects will focus on rural community development.  
“Our project is joining together Camp Comeca with the community of Cozad to try to refoster relationships and build public awareness about the camp. They’re in the middle of a huge fundraising campaign so they want us to meet with stakeholders to give updates on the fundraising, and also to ask for feedback on the marketing plan that they want us to create for them,” said Mackenzie K.
When asked, “Why Rural?” Brierly K. answered “For me, I grew up in the city. I’m a city kid to the bone, and I’ve just been in the rural areas for three years. It’s really grown on me and I think rural has a different dynamic compared to urban areas. I believe rural areas themselves have recognized that if we don’t step up and take care of ourselves, no one else will. And that’s just amazing to be a part of.”
The Serviceship is an RFI grant program developed out of a partnership between Tom Field, Director of the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship program, the UNL Office of Student Involvement, the Center of Civic Engagement, the Heartland Center for Leadership Development, the Nebraska Human Resources Institute (NHRI) and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR).  Brierly and Mackenzie will be supervised under Brian Rastall, Director of Camp Comeca, for the duration of the summer.
Through a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Rural Futures Institute mobilizes the diverse resources of the University of Nebraska and its partners to support rural communities and regions in building upon their unique strengths and assets to achieve their desired futures.

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