Opening Night Racing Action At Lexington Raceway Is Spectacular

Starting their season off right by earning trips to the Winners Circle at Lexington Raceway were Clay Money, Cale Osborn, Daniel Gottschalk, Mike Nichols and Jacob Olmstead on Sunday evening. 
   Starting on the front row and never looking back, Clay Money of Penokee, Kansas held off all challengers to claim the victory in the IMCA Modified Feature event. Money started on the outside of row one and fended off the challenge of Colton Osborn in the waning laps to earn the win. Coming from deep in the field, Colton Osborn of Cozad finished in the runner-up position after starting in the fifth row on the starting grid. Following Osborn through traffic to the podium finish was Jeremy Frenier of Fort Morgan, Colorado to earn third place honors. Anthony Roth of Columbus and Kyle Rohleder of Wakeeney, Kansas rounded out the top five in the feature event. Frenier and Osborn were the heat race winners in early in the evening action. 
   Starting on the pole put Cale Osborn of Cozad in a key position, but it wasn’t until he found the fastest groove for his hot rod that he was able to snare the lead on the seventh circuit and then cruise to the victory in the Grand National Late Model feature. Coming back from a late caution, Cory Dumpert of York was up on the wheel to the tune of a runner-up finish. Staying out of trouble and being consistent throughout the feature, Dylan Schmer of Aurora was third overall. Osborn was the heat race victor in the division. 
   Gaining confidence through- out the final laps, Daniel Gottschalk of Ellis, Kansas led the way for the second half of the feature event to claim the win in the IMCA Northern Sport Modified main event. Coming through the field from the fifth row starting position, Josh Leonard of Gibbon was able to wrangle his chariot to score a second place finish. Leading the way for the first seven laps, Jamey Kennicutt of Gothenburg started the contest with his elbows up on the wheel from his outside front row starting position. Kennicutt stayed among the lead group to earn a third place finish. Leonard and Bryan Herrick of Curtis were the heat race winners in the division. 
   Wasting no time to get to the front, the Harlan Hustler Mike Nichols took the point on the third lap by splitting the leaders on the backstretch to earn the lead and never look back. Nichols of Harlan, Iowa was the first to the checkered flag to win the IMCA Stock Car Feature event. Putting together a stellar showing in the final laps, Colin Heim of Hoxie, Kansas earned the runner-up accolades after starting in the sixth row at the drop of the green flag. Earning a podium finish in the feature, Kyle Pfeifer of Hills City, Kansas was the third place finisher after starting in the fifth row at the onset. Nichols, Chase Conaway of Smith Center, Kansas and Casey Werkmeister of Maywood were the heat race victors. 
   Charging to the front of the field on the third lap, Jacob Olmstead of Overton was able to put on a dominating performance in winning the IMCA Hobby Stock feature event. Olmstead started in the second row and was able to ride the high side to garner the lead and power to the victory. Staying among the frontrunners throughout, Zach Olmstead of Overton was able to make the moves that counted the most with the ‘Red Sled’ in the final laps to finish second overall. Leading the way early, Brady Bencken of Oakley, Kansas earned a third place finish for his efforts behind the wheel of his hot rod after starting in the second row when the initial green flag flew.   
   (Unofficial Results): 
   --IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 7-Clay Money; 2. 50c-Colton Osborn; 3. 17j-Jeremy Frenier; 4. 60iv-Anthony Roth; 5. 0-Kyle Rohleder; 6. 1-Chris Heim; 7.4c-Charley Brown; 8. XII-Jay Steffens; 9. 4p-Dave Pedersen; 10. 19-Chuck Stryker. 
   Heat Race Winners: 17j-Frenier; 1-Heim. 
   --Grand National Late Model Feature: 1. 6c-Cale Osborn; 2. 77-Cory Dumpert; 3. 6-Dylan Schmer; 4. 90k-Steve Kempt; 5. 22-Chris Avery ; 6. 15-Collin Safranek; 7. 14-Bill Kubik; 8. 83d-Denton Duncan; 9. 85-Josh Leonard. 
   Heat Race Winner: 6c-Osborn. 
   --IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature: 1. 3d-Daniel Gottschalk; 2. 85-Josh Leonard; 3. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 4. 14t-Trent Roth; 5. 0hp-Bryan Herrick; 6. 19xx-Brandon Spanjer; 7. 20b-Brandon Clough; 8. 11H-Henry Henderson; 9. 1c-Cole Egge; 10. 88-Brandon Leonard. 
   Heat Race Winners: 85-Leonard; 0hp-Herrick. 
   --IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 63-Mike Nichols; 2. 6-Colin Heim; 3. 54p-Kyle Pfiefer; 4. 11k-Kyle Clough; 5. 45-Mikey Dancer; 6. 1-Chase Conaway; 7. 3z-Zach Canas; 8. 3z-Zach Canas; 9. 42w-Kyle Werkmeister; 10. 31-Darin Racek
   Heat Race winners: 63-Nichos; 24w-Casey Werkmeister; 1-Chase Conaway. 
   --IMCA Hobby Stock Feature: 1. 88j-Jacob Olmstead; 2. 36-Zach Olmstead ; 3. 711-Brady Bencken; 4. 22w-Brady Weinman ; 5. 2w-Luke Wassum; 6. 12t-Tanner Jones; 7. R19-Larry Refior; 8. 1j-Jakob Egge; 9. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 10. 01-Jacob Wolsleben. 
Heat Race winners:L 88j-Olmstead; 2w-Wassum. 

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