Robert Henri's Family Portraits To Be Displayed

The new excitement we have been anticipating is now final and we can tell you what we have been working on for the Henri Museum.
 Guess what 'family' is returning to Cozad this summer?
 The family of Robert (Cozad) Henri, the founders of our great city of Cozad are coming home. the Cozad family that started it all back in the late 1800s is coming back for a visit! Display includes; John J. Cozad, city founder, father and real estate businessman; Theresa Cozad, first lady of Cozad and mother;  Johnny Cozad, oldest son and professional medical doctor; Robert Cozad, youngest son who established himself as a great American artist and instructor of art.
 These paintings, once owned and displayd in Cozad and the Cozad area, have been safely kept at the Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska for the past three decades. 
Don't miss this rare opportunity to see the complete painting collection of the Cozad family this summer displayed in the Henri Art Gallery, Cozad.
 These paintings have never before been shown together at the same time. The generous donation to the Henri Art Gallery by Larry and Tammy Paulsen, in memory of Larry's mother, Shirley Paulsen, has made this exhibition possible.
The museum will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. through the month of September. The museum is also open by appointment by contacting the museum at 308-784-4154.

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