Cozad's Wellness Center Offers Events With Aid From Cozad Hospital

Cozad is fortunate to have had the Community Wellness Center since January 1, 2000. Since its inception it has been a partnership between the Cozad Schools, Cozad Hospital and the City of Cozad.
Each entity has two members on the Board of Directors. At one of their meetings last fall, discussion was held concerning the possibility of hosting more events at the wellness center. Cozad Hospital Administrator Lyle Davis, a member of the board asked two of his employees, Kristen Bennett, Health Information Management Supervisor and Bri Snider, Quality Director, Infection Prevention & Employee Health if they would be willing to brainstorm new events and activities for the center. Bennett and Snider grew up in Cozad and are members of the Cozad Community Health System’s health and wellness team.
“Our main goal for this great facility is to have more children and their parents and grandparents come through the doors and participate in activities for all ages and abilities,” explained Snider.
The first event was the Christmas Break Kids Camp for K-5th graders on Wednesday, December 18th. Numerous activities were scheduled with lunch being provided by hospital and healthy snacks provided by Jake Derr and Juice Plus. Snider and Bennett were assisted by several parents during the day and it was deemed a success.
On Friday, January 6th 40 1st-8th graders participated in the ‘Nerf Wars’ at the center. Mike Neill provided safety glasses and blue Nerf bullets were provided by the center. The participants had a ‘blast’.
 “Numerous parents and grandparents attended with their children/grandchildren and walked around the track as they watched all the action on the gym floor,” Bennett noted.
The Nerf Wars were so popular that Round 2 was organized for Friday, January 27th. Once again more than 40 participated including a middle schooler who is wheelchair bound.
Aimee Davis hosted her first ‘Fit Kids’ classes on  January 19th. Ages 3-5 met at 5:45 p.m. and ages 6-14 at 6:05 p.m. each Thursday.
The Nerf Wars, Fit Kids classes and other such activities have nominal fees with CWC members being charged a discounted fee.
Snider and Bennett are excited for the next event planned for Tuesday, February 14th, a Daddy/Daughter (or special friend) Dinner & Dance. The evening will include a delicious meal, a beautiful rose for daughters and awesome dance music from 6 – 8 p.m. Cost is $30 per couple and due to the CWC by Friday, February 10th. (Additional daughters may attend for $8.) This event is guaranteed to create lasting memories for daughter and their daddies!
According to Snider, “Amber Ross and Heather Wellman continue to do an amazing job with getting people in the door with their weekly classes from not only Cozad but Gothenburg, Lexington, Eustis and the surrounding area.” “Our goal is to keep all members in our community healthy as we have a passion for wellness and activities and have enjoyed the time at our debut events,” Snider stated. 
Other possible events include indoor flag football, wiffle ball, a scavenger hunt for St. Patrick’s Day, a family game board night, healthy cooking classes and more. Included will be non-competitive events.
“We welcome input from community members in planning future events and would like to see intergenerational events, too,” Bennett commented. 
CWC Director Darrel Francescato is excited to be partnering with the hospital to sponsor more activities and events that wouldn’t be possible with his limited staff members and resources. 
“Bri and Kristen have done a great job getting these events and activities added to our present class schedule and it is great to see new people come through our front doors and use our fabulous facility,” Francescato said.
Anyone with ideas for activities or events or willing to assist with these may contact Bennett or Snider at the hospital 784-2261 or Francescato at the wellness center 784-5100.

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