Dawson County Commissioners Discuss Health Insurance Of Staff

The Dawson County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Thursday, December 1, 2016. 
Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $365,781.82 were approved. Approval was also granted to approve the claims submitted totaling $1,078,970.30.
The commissioners approved a resolution that involves a program agreement between Dawson County and the State Department of Roads concerning Advanced Railroad Signing.
Discussion was held concerning the FSLA Overtime Rules and Injunction. The commissioners voted to keep the mandated increase in salaries per FSLA overtime rules as budgeted by a 3 – 2 vote.
A public hearing commenced at 8:30 a.m. regarding the application for the Dawson County Fairgrounds. Dawson Area Development Executive Director Jen McKeone appeared and explained that the county is just a pass-through for the $350,000 in grant application funding from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. $110,000 in funding will also come from local sources including $30,000 from local funding; $69,200 from the fairgrounds and $10,800 from the Dawson County Roads fund. New restrooms will be built on the fairgrounds in addition to other ADA accessible improvements. Board Chairman Butch Hagan was authorized to sign the application, contracts and grant related material.
Chairman Hagan was also authorized to sign the memorandum of understanding to renovate the Dawson County Fairgrounds by Dawson County and the Dawson County Agricultural Society, Inc.
The commissioners, Dawson County Clerk Karla Zlatkovsky and Deputy County Attorney Jocelyn Brasher discussed what the employee portion of health insurance premiums should be if their health screening base score is not met.
Clerk Zlatovsky reported that 33 employees didn’t make the 75% base score or improve by five points during this past year. These employees will be given the opportunity to seek ‘coaching’ by January 1, 2017 and complete the program to better their base scores by March 31, 2017 to avoid paying higher insurance premiums and possibly higher deductibles. She does have appeals forms for employees who did not meet the base score available.
Deputy County Attorney Brasher cautioned the board on the HIPPA and ADA appeals processes. The item was tabled until more information and research can be completed on the matter.
The Dawson County Board of Equalization met prior to the Dawson County Board of Commissioners meeting.
The request fro South Central Developmental Services for two 2016 Dodge Wagons was approved.
County Assessor John Moore appeared to discuss public owned property not being used for public purpose.
The next regular meeting for the Dawson County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

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