Meadowlark Pointe Unveils Plans For Upcoming Expansion


The plans for an expansion to the Meadowlark Pointe facility were announced on Saturday evening with the addition of 12 assisted living beds and 14 memory unit beds. 
The expansion is still in the planning stages with budget and financing still being finalized. The new addition will create at least 15 more job opportunities. 
The current Meadowlark Pointe facility has assisted living rooms that vary from 500-900 square feet of living space for residents. It was built 10 years ago. 
The projected expense of the building of the expansion is estimated between 4-4.2 million dollars. It is all part of Phase II of the facility which can then lead to Phase III further into the future. 
“I am excited about the expansion plans of the Meadowlark Pointe facility and working through the early plans of being able to provide more assisted living beds and the memory care facility has me even more excited about the services that we will be able to offer,” expressed Cozad Community Hopsital  Administrator Lyle Davis. “Anybody can stand out in the middle of the street and complain about what you do, it takes a special person to be able to walk up to the front door, knock and ask ‘What can I do to help,’ Cozad has a lot of these type of people. We can do this.” 
Along with the added facilities in the east wing, there will be an outdoor courtyard and garden that are enclosed to add to the security and safety of the facility. 
The planned assisted living and memory care units are prime examples of the commitment towards healthcare and reaching the needs of all individuals of Cozad and the surrounding areas. 

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