Dawson County Commissioners Discuss County Roads Resurfacing Near Gothenburg

The Dawson County Board of Commissioners met on Friday, September 30th.
Dawson County Assessor John Moore presented the two bids he had received for the County Assessor vehicle. Plum Creek Motors submitted bids for a 2017 AWD Chevrolet Traverse for $26,377 with a trade in of $4,040 for a total of $22,337 and 2017 FWD Chevrolet Traverse for $24,537 with the trade in of $4,040 for a total of $20,497 (did not meet specifications).
Platte Valley Auto Mart submitted bids for a 2016 Ford Expedition XL with a price tag of $35,200 less a trade in of $800 for a total of $34,400 and a 2017 Ford Explorer XL priced at $29,600 less the $800 trade in for a net price of $28,800.
The commissioners accepted the bid from Plum Creek Motors for the AWD Chevrolet Traverse for $22,337.
Highway Superintendent Randy Deans appeared concerning the asphalt bids for multiple segments of county roads near Gothenburg and in the City of Gothenburg as presented at the last meeting. “It’s a sign of the times that we only received two bids for this project,” said Deans. “We used to receive five to seven bids on a project of this magnitude, but contractors are incredibly busy these days,” he continued. 
Deans recommended accepting the bid from Paulsen Inc. for $2,658,746.18 for the county’s portion of the project. 
The Gothenburg City Council had already given approval to their portion of the project cost, $359,970.12 contingent on the vote of the commissioners for their share.
“I feel this is a very fair bid and is within $7,881.39 of the engineer’s estimate for the total project,” Deans explained.
The bid was approved with the project to be completed by November 10, 2017.
Deans also submitted the study on vacating the one-mile stretch of county road by Farnam as presented at the last meeting. He had met with Scott Russman and everyone involved seems to be on board. For liability purposes the right-of-way will be returned back to the landowners if the road is vacated. A public hearing has been set for Tuesday, November 15, 2016.
Dawson Area Development Director Jennifer McKeone appeared with the annual report for DAD. 
“I want you all to know what you’re getting for your dues in DAD. We focus on people recruitment and housing. 248 houses need to be constructed in the next five years to accommodate our workforce in Dawson County,” McKeone explained.
“For every dollar that Dawson County has invested you have received $9.00 in grant money,” McKeone continued.
Chairman Butch Hagan received authorization to sign the Applied Technology Lease amendment that was drawn up by  Dawson County Deputy Attorney Kate Gatewood prior to her departure from that position.
Dawson County Zoning Administrator Pam Holbrook informed the commissioners concerning the Planning Commission’s recommendation regarding the Special Use Permit Request submitted by Duane Kuhnel for MY TOYS LLC.
Kuhnel requested permission to construct a commercial storage building in Lakeview Acres Tier II, Lots 62 and 63. 
The Planning Commission recommends denial of the permit as it doesn’t meet zoning criteria for the construction: 1) the proposed use would be detrimental to adjacent property by causing increased drainage issues 2) it would increase traffic on a privately maintained residential road and adversely impact line-of-sight and (3) the proposed use would not be considered compatible with the intended use of the Recreational-Residential District as residential. In addition, the use is not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan – Land Use Profile and Plan.
A public hearing regarding the Special Use Permit Application by Kuhnel is scheduled for Friday, October 14, 2016.
Prior to the Dawson County Commissioners meeting the Dawson County Board of Equalization met.
The commissioners gave their stamp of approval to the resolution for the Adoption & Appropriations regarding setting current tax levies.
Levies are based on one cent of each one hundred dollars actual valuation.
Tri-City totals that include Airport Authorities and Bonds are: Cozad – 0.483595 per cent; Gothenburg – 0.377725 per cent and Lexington – 0.405479 per cent.
School District totals that include general funds, building funds and bonds are Cozad – 1.289068 per cent; Gothenburg – 1.049009 per cent and Lexington – 1.048815 per cent.
Total levies totaled 2.262501 for Cozad, 1.905654 for Gothenburg and 1.919819 for Lexington.
The next regular meetings for the Board of Equalization and the Dawson County Commissioners is set for Friday, October 14, 2016 beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room in the Dawson County Courthouse in Lexington, NE.

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