Cozad Hospital Staff Stays On The Cutting Edge With Neonatal Resuscitation Program

Being prepared for any and all situations, the Cozad Community Hospital recently completed a Neonatal Resuscitation Program that was presented by  Ruth Summerson of Great Plains Regional Medical Center. 
All the staff members at the Cozad Hospital that potentially have to administer care to neonatal patients are certified to perform those duties. Completing their re-certification during the recent program were: Dr. Pat Wetovick, Kate Tremmel, Emily McMichael, Larisa Ong, Shana Carter, Jessica Fotchman, Joslyn Nelsen, Tammy McMichael, Taylor Dunn, Sharol Banzhaf, Melissa Brill, Amanda Laas, Monty Silbernagel, Derry Cornelius, Meggan Ide, Erin Pettera and Shelley Francescato. 
The program that was completed by staff members that became re-certified enhances the skills of healthcare workers in the treatment of infant respiratory distress through active participation in a series of simulated delivery scenarios. 
According to national figures, nearly ten percent of babies when born need the assistance of Neonatal Resuscitation. Cozad is fully trained to handle Neonatal Resusciation. 

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