Tri-City TRIBUNE Captures Awards In Newspaper Contest

The Tri-City TRIBUNE collected 12 awards during the Nebraska Press Association Convention held in Lincoln on Saturday evening.
Publishers and newspaper representatives from the Arizona Newspaper Association judged this year’s entries.
The Tri-City TRIBUNE took home five first place prizes. Sports Page, Use of Color, News and a Year In Sports Photo Page all finished first overall in Class D. The Single Retail Advertising Idea along with the top two Single Classified Ad Idea, black and white entries that were submitted by TRIBUNE graphic artist Lincey McDonald were also top honorees in Class D, a division for the largest weekly circulated newspapers in Nebraska (2,801 and up).
The TRIBUNE swept the podium with the top three places in the Use of Color: News division. The top two entries in the Class D Photo Page division were submitted by the TRIBUNE as well.
Kelly Ninas had the second and third place selections in the Sports Feature Photo competition for Class D. He also had the runner-up entry in the Sports Action Photo division.
The Gothenburg Times was the Class ‘C’ Sweepstakes third place finisher. The Gothenburg Times and the Lexington Clipper-Herald also won several awards in Class ‘C’ a division for newspapers with circulation between 1,501 and 2,800.

County Will Continue To Ride With RYDE

The Dawson County Board of Equalization met in regular session on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015, at 8 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room of the Courthouse in Lexington, Nebraska.
The commissioners approved Tax Correction #3908; Nick Brockevelt – parcel #240174135 and Tax Correction #3909; Rural Agri Construction Inc. – personal property #10166405.
The Dawson County Board of Commissioners met immediately following the Board of Equalization meeting.
The minutes of the April 1st, 2015, regular meeting were approved with one correction:  the bid from NMC Cat for the 2015 12M3 motor grader was accepted.
Official’s Receipts filed as submitted: $328.00 County Clerk; $25,475.63 Register of Deeds; $9,372.05 Clerk of District and $1,162.50 Surveyor.
Treasurer’s Receipts in the amount of $2,003,621.65 and all Claims were approved as submitted.
Under Committee Reports, Commissioner Butch Hagan reported that the Ag Society is continuing to repair buildings at the fairground. New windows and insulation have been installed in the 4-H Café Building, an outer wall has been fixed and they are checking on new restrooms.
Hagan also reported that the landfill would be awarding the bid for the new compactor.
Commissioner Bill Stewart reported that the storage at the CED Building is close to being finished.
Commissioner Chairman Dennis Rickertsen reported that the Dawson County Extension Office has received their new van.
Dawson County Sheriff Gary Reiber appeared to present the March crime reports.
His department during March rendered 955 total services, and there were 1,571 LEC dispatch calls for service.
The commissioners approved a sub-lease request from Lutheran Family Services for one year.
 A special designated liquor license request from Miretta Vineyards & Winery from St. Paul, Nebraska for the 4th Annual Johnson Lake Art & Wine Festival on June 13th was approved.
At 8:30 a.m., Chairman Rickertsen opened the public hearing regarding LakeShore Marina Class C Liquor License.
Co-Owner Tyler Loop spoke on behalf of the business that he co-owns with Adam Sieggfried.  No opposition was presented and approval of the Class C Liquor License was granted for LakeShore Marina.
 Dan Schartz addressed the commissioners regarding the Dawson County Project Coordinator Services agreement.  
Charles McGraw appeared to explain the RYDE Funding request for the 2015-16 fiscal year.
Cozad Grand Generation Center Director Tamie Thurn expressed concern as a taxpayer that RYDE Transit is in Lexington with five buses five days a week and in Cozad for four hours one day of the week.  
Mayor Fagot did report that the Lexington City Council realizes the importance of RYDE Transit in the community and voted to increase their contribution at their April 14th meeting from $12,500 to $20,000 for the service.  Manager Pepplitsch noted that members of the Lexington City Council are meeting with RYDE on a regular basis.
McGraw was asked if any dialogue had taken place this past year with Cozad and Gothenburg in regards to having the buses available in their communities additional days and hours.  
Total boardings in Lexington from July 2014 through February, 2015 were 6,316.
In comparison during this time frame 194 boardings were made in Cozad, 167 in Gothenburg and Farnam, 437 in Sumner, Eddyville and Overton and 798 out of town boardings.
After further discussion Chairman Stewart made a motion to extend the funding in the amount of $32,232.00 for one more year and asked that next year McGraw present any statistics on usage and needs 60 days prior to the funding request being made.  Commissioner Hagan seconded the motion.
Commissioners Hagan, Kugler, Rickertsen and Stewart cast votes in favor of Resolution #2015-11; Commissioner Jacobson voted against the resolution.  Motion carried.

Council Approves Ordinance To Allow Sunday Liquor Sales

The Cozad City Council met for a regular meeting on Monday, April 20th, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.
Under Unfinished Business the third reading of Ordinance No. 1457 amending Sectional 10-117 of the Cozad Municipal Code relating to hours when alcoholic liquor can be sold took place.
Voting affirmatively on the reading were Council Members Brian Montgomery, Deb Leahy and Charles Block.  Council Member Doug Swan cast the lone negative vote.
A motion was then made and seconded to approve the ordinance.  Montgomery, Leahy and Block voted yes and Swan voted no on the ordinance.
Ordinance No. 1457, which will allow liquor sales in Cozad on Sundays will go into effect once the ordinance, is published in its entirety in the Tri-City TRIBUNE.
Under New Business, Jill Nelsen, representing Cork & Cap Liquor, appeared to request a special designated license application for a wedding reception at Chipper Hall on May 30th, 2015.  The application was approved.
Approval was granted for Mayor Nancy Meyer’s recommendation for appointment of Katie Parsh to the Wilson Public Library Board.
All claims were approved as submitted and the Treasurer’s Report was accepted and filed for audit.
Al Jesseph addressed the council with several questions concerning recent letters that have been mailed out to property owners in regards to bringing their properties up to the standards of the property maintenance code adopted by the council in 2013.
“Are there consequences for not complying with these letters?” Jesseph asked.
City Attorney Scott Trusdale told Jesseph that these courtesy letters were similar to warning tickets.
“Will all areas of the city be covered?” continued Jesseph.  “What if the property owners cannot afford the necessary repairs/updates needed on their property?”
“Yes, all areas of the city will eventually be covered,” replied Mayor Nancy Meyer. “We will try to work with people as much as possible on this.”
Jesseph wondered where he could locate the codebook and standards and was advised by Mayor Meyer and City Attorney Trusdale to check at the Wilson Public Library or call them for clarification on the letters that he has received.
Citizen Melanie Nutt and Cozad Grand Generation Center Director Tamie Thurn shared their views on the RYDE Transit System used in Dawson County to transport mainly senior citizens.
Jacobson voted again the contract, noting that for the first eight months of this past fiscal year Lexington has had 6,316 boardings compared to 194 for Cozad and 167 for Gothenburg.
Commissioner Dallas Nichols was encouraged to once again look into some landscaping surrounding the wastewater treatment center.
Commissioner Britt German reported that his department is working on the substation at Cozad Alfalfa.
Commissioner PJ Jacobson anticipated that his department would begin repainting the swimming pool next week.  The pool is scheduled to open on Sunday, May 24th.
Wilson Public Library Director Laurie Yocom reported that Brian Woldt would be making a presentation on severe weather on Tuesday, April 28th at the library.
Police Chief Randy Adams and John Peden attended a two-day conference sponsored by the FBI in North Platte on “Active Shooters”.
Asbestos is being removed at the Rialto Theater and trees were taken out on April 19th.  Two bids have been received so far for the demolition of the building with bid letting scheduled for Friday, May 1st.
 The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, May 4th.

Lexington’s Hanson Named NTV Teacher Of The Month

Stepping outside the box and being creative has become a mainstay in the classroom for students of Darren Hanson at Lexington Middle School. This creativity and blazing their own trail method has allowed students like Jocelyn Rebolorio to explore new heights with assistance from Hanson. It is also one of the main reasons that Rebolorio nominated Hanson for NTV Teacher of the Month honors. NTV of Kearney rewarded Darren Hanson with the honor on Thursday afternoon.
Darren Hanson has been a part of the Lexington School System for the past 19 years, with the last 16 years being at the Middle School. Hanson was instrumental in the success of the Technology department in the Middle School for the past 14 years. He has been influential in Lexington Middle School being on the cutting edge with technology in the classrooms. He continues to thrive for excellence in finding more and more sources of knowledge through technology to assist greatly in the education of the students of today and tomorrow. Hanson is a teacher that gives students the freedom to push the envelope on creativity and critical thinking for his students each and everyday. He deeply believes that technology is vital to the success of his students achieving their goals.
Jocelyn Rebolorio believes that it isn’t just Hanson’s everyday teaching that is the most important. “Mr. Hanson is outstanding because he does a very good job of teaching Science. Great teachers don’t just teach, they encourage and inspire,” explained Rebolorio. “He pushes us to reach past our ability to learn new stuff outside of our comfort zone.”
“Darren is very deserving of the honor, He is constantly on the cutting edge of technology and reaching into the 21st century of education, seeking new programs and experiences for himself as well as other teachers in the middle school. He is a trailblazer in technology that is a great asset to lean on at Lexington Middle School,” expresses Lexington Social Studies Teacher Keith Allen.
Mr. Darren Hanson was honored during a special ceremony with his current students on Thursday afternoon.

Haymakers, Swedes & Minutemen Tame The Wild Horse:

DOING HIS BEST to elevate his ball from the deep sand trap is Gothenburg’s Riley Ostendorf during the playing of the Gothenburg Invitational at Wild Horse Golf Course on Thursday.

Cozad FCCLA Shines Bright At State Convention In Lincoln

Being among Nebraska’s best, the Cozad FCCLA brought home hardware from the 2015 FCCLA State Leadership Conference that was held in Lincoln recently.
Finishing the event with Top Gold in their STAR events and becoming National Qualifiers were: Emily Ratkovec, Evangelina Ortiz, Kaylee Brandenberg, Rosa Rodriguez, Tazah Weinmaster, Kaylea Kolbo and Katrina German. The National FCCLA Convention will be held in Washington D.C.
Elisha Keim and Karly Siemering both earned gold medalist honors in their STAR competitions as Savannah Peden brought home silver medalist honors.
During the event, Larissa Kvasnicka and Kari Baumgartner served as conference honorary assistants. Also attending the event from Cozad High School were: Bristen Wuehler, Amber Nichols, Cassie Peace and Jordyn Worrell.
As a chapter, Cozad High School earned ‘The Feed Nebraska’, The 2015 Gold Star Chapter and the Do Your Part: 2’s a Start Chapters Awards.
Cozad High School FCCLA Advisors Lyndee Koch and Bonnie Hansen were in attendance at the conference. Hansen was awarded a Certification of Appreciation for being an FCCLA Advisor and FACS teacher for 41 years. She was also awarded the 2015 Advisor Committed to Excellence Award.

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