Bader Invitational Brings Great Performances To Oval, Runway & Ring

he track and field enthusiasts came from far and wide across central Nebraska to see the best compete at the Don Bader Invitational held at Ray Ehlers Stadium in Lexington in front of a large crowd on a Sunny Friday. 
Earning the annual Don Bader awards were the 400-meter dash and high jump champions. Winning the quarter mile were McCook’s Sam Smith and Holdrege’s Jacee Pfeifer. In the high jump, the last ones standing were Lady Swede Blaire Gibeens and Indian Jakob Estrada. 
Earning the recognition of being the Ann Crawford award winners was Madi Gilg of Gothenburg and Casey Renken of Kearney. The Crawford accolades go to the gold medalists in the 100-meter dash. 
Leading the way for all TRIBUNE-Area runners, Madi Gilg was the class of the field in the 100 meter dash to claim the victory with a time of 12.7 seconds. Gilg backed up her short sprint win with a runner-up finish in 27.22 in the 200 meter dash on Friday evening. 
Continuing to have great success at the Bader meet, Gothenburg’s Blaire Gibbens soared over 5’0” to win the high jump gold medalist honors. 
Eustis/Farnam’s Jessica Deterding went deep to the tune of 35’2.25” to win the triple jump for the Senior Knight. 
The Gothenburg foursome of Andie Geiken, Madison Harpole, Courtney Harpole and Kayla Weyers were the gold medalist in the 3200 meter relay with a stellar time of 10:10. 
The Lady Swedes 1600 meter and 400 meter relays earning second and third place, respectively. 
The Minutemaids were on the heels of the Gothenburg girls in the 3200 meter relay and the 1600 meter relauy, just one place behind Gothenburg in both events. 
Gothenburg Senior Mady Vogel spun for success and it came up at 116’10”, good enough for runner-up accolades. 
In their specialty events, Lady Swedes Andie Geiken and Kayla Weyers were the silver medalist in the 400 and 800 meter events. 
Jami White was close behind Geiken in the 400 meter dash with a stellar time of 1:02.1. 
third place, respectively. 
The Minutemaids were on the heels of the Gothenburg girls in the 3200 meter relay and the 1600 meter relauy, just one place behind Gothenburg in both events. 
Gothenburg Senior Mady Vogel spun for success and it came up at 116’10”, good enough for runner-up accolades. 
In their specialty events, Lady Swedes Andie Geiken and Kayla Weyers were the silver medalist in the 400 and 800 meter events. 
Lexington’s Jami White was close behind Geiken in the 400 meter dash with a stellar time of 1:02.1. 
Changing the pace for his home meet, Josh White of Lexington still received rave reviews for his sprinting skills in the longer sprint races. White was the runner-up in both the 200 and 400-meter dash with times of 22.50 and 50.74, respectively. 
Putting in his mileage for the day, JohnMark Shields chose to go the distance. Shields scored a Silver Medal in the 3200 meter run with a time of 10:13. Shields was also the fourth place medalist in the 1600 meter run. 
The vertical jump contingency for Gothenburg had a notable day on the runway. 
Tyce Hruza scored a runner-up finish for the Swedes by clearing 13’4” in the pole vault competition. 
Senior Dylan France ‘Fosbury Flopped’ over 6’2” to finish second overall in the high jump for the Swedes. 
The spring relays for the Minutemen had great weekends on their home track. 
The Lexington 1600 meter relay on the boys side were edged at the line by just one second. Completing a lap for the Orange and Black was Kobe Block, Christian Jacobo, Michael Rodriguez and Josh White. 
Don Bader Invitational
Girls Results
--Long Jump: 1.  Madison Raska (NP) 17’0”; Amaya Ackerman (GOT) 15’1.25”; Gracie Stienike (GOT) 14’8”; Vanessa Lo (LX) 13’6”; Mollie Rowe (LX) 13’2.5”; Courtney Hanson (LX) 12’2”.   
--Triple Jump: 1.  Jessica Deterding (EF) 35’2.25”; 4. Hana Brock (LX) 33’4.5”; Gracie Stienike (GOT) 32’4”; McKenna Peterson (GOT) 31’4.5”; Courtney Hanson (LX) 30’9”; Vanessa Lo (LX) 30’6.25”. 
--High Jump: 1. Blaire Gibbens (GOT) 5’0”; 5. Hana Brock (LX) 4’8”. 
--Pole Vault: 1. Jacee Pfeifer (HOL) 10’8”; Destiny McVay (GOT) 8’6”; Cheyenne McVay (GOT) 8’0”; Kassidy Kottwitz (GOT) 7’6”; Makenzie Johnson (LX) 7’0”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Tiara Schmidt (MC) 42’1.5”; Justina Hoisington (LX) 35’3”; Mady Vogel (GOT) 34’8.75”; Arleigh Costello (GOT) 31’6.5”; Briahna Mota (LX) 30’9.75”; Annie Garcia (LX) 30’2.75”; Cinthia Ruiz (LX) 27’4.25”. 
--Discus: 1. Anna Squiers (KC) 125’10”; 2. Mady Vogel (GOT) 116’10”; 5. Justina Hoisington (LX) 114’11”; Johanna Jimenez (LX) 85’0”; Arleigh Costello (GOT) 80’1”; Briahna Mota (LX) 68’7”; Cinthia Ruiz (LX) 59’10”. 
--100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Skylar Hadley (LOM) 15.12; 5. Kim Whiting (GOT) 17.07; Olivia Morales (LX) 19.49; Nia Martinez (LX) 20.53; Alejandra Adame (LX) 22.56; Jennifer Mendoza (LX) 22.93.  
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Skylar Hadley (LOM) 46.46; Olivia Morales (LX) 55.74; Nia Martinez (LX) 56.54; Alejandra Adame (LX) 1:00.   
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Madi Gilg (GOT) 12.7; Blaire Edeal (LX) 13.2;  Amaya Ackerman (GOT) 13.48; Hana Brock (LX) 13.72; Vanessa Lo (LX) 14.1; Makenzie Johnson (LX) 14.24. 
--200 Meter Dash: 1.Autumn Pritchard (PLE) 26.87; 2. Madi Gilg (GOT) 27.22; Blaire Edeal (LX) 28.47; Jami White (LX) 28.18; Jennifer Mendoza (LX) 36.22. 
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Jacee Pfeifer (HOL) 1:01; 2. Andie Geiken (GOT) 1:02.1; 3. Jami White (LX) 1:02.9; 6. Courtney Hanson (LX) 1:04; Blaike Edeal (LX) 1:07. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Emily Jacobs (MC) 2:26; 2. Kayla Weyers (GOT) 2:30; 4. Madison Harpole (GOT) 2:33; 5. Jessica Deterding (EF) 2:33; Bianca Hernandez (LX) 2:34; Blaike Edeal (LX) 2:43. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Michaela Marcy (LOM) 5:45; McKenna Kiburz (LX) 6:05; Cecilia Rios (LX) 6:32. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Abi Osterholt (KEA) 13:37; 5. Cecilia Rios (LX) 13.58. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Kearney 51.77; 3. Gothenburg 52.47; 4. Lexington 53.61. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 4:14; 2. Gothenburg 4:15; 3. Lexington 4:20. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Gothenburg 10:10; 2. Lexington 10:19. 
Boys Results
--Long Jump: 1.   LD Brown (KEA) 20’4”; Clay Hernandez (LX) 17’7.75”; Dante Pinkins (LX) 16’1”; Daniel Holbrook (LX) 15’7.5”. 
--Triple Jump: 1.  Ryan Koski (KEA) 40’9.75”; Kobe Block (LX) 38’5.25”; Kobe Lo (LX) 36’8.5”; Daniel Holbrook (LX) 36’6.25”. 
--High Jump: 1.  Jakob Estrada (OG) 6’3”; 2. Dylan France (GOT) 6’2”; Kalyn Beam (EL) 5’10”; Kobe Block (LX) 5’6”; Ajack Waikur (LX) 5’6”.  
--Pole Vault: 1. Tyrell Younger (BER) 13’8”; 2. Tyce Hruza (GOT) 13’4”; 6. Wyatt Hotz (GOT) 12’6”; Caleb Rice (GOT) 12’0”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Blake Schroeder (HOL) 53’8.5”; Ethan Woehrle (LX) 44’0.5”; Deing Kug (LX) 43’1.75”; Kaleb Gibbens (EF) 41’1.25”; Pat Hudson (GOT) 40’1”; Caleb Schwarz (LX) 33’7.5”. 
--Discus: 1. Blake Schroeder (HOL) 166’5’; 4. Pat Hudson (GOT) 140’0”; Trevor McKeone (LX) 130’3”; Jake Gydesen (EL) 127’0”; Kaleb Gibbens (EF) 107’9”; Freddy Lopez (LX) 107’5”; Caleb Schwarz (LX) 94’6”. 
--110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Logan Hammond (OG) 14.94; 6. Caleb Rice (GOT) 17.04; Riley Kopf (LX) 17.09; Ajack Waikur (LX) 17.46
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Logan Hammond (OG) 40.90; Ajack Waikur (LX) 45.91; Riley Kopf (LX) 46.22. 
--100 Meter Dash: 1.  Casey Renken (KEA) 11.13; Harol Cabrerra (LX) 11.84; Eddie Morales (LX) 11.85; Clay Hernandez (LX) 11.94; Christian Jacobo (LX) 11.97; Ethan Bihlmaier (GOT) 12.07; Dante Pinkins (LX) 12.8; William Morales (LX) 13.98.  
--200 Meter Dash: 1.  Sam Smith (MC) 22.47; 2. Josh White (LX) 22.50; Ethan Bihlmaier (GOT) 24.71; Jairo Alvarez (LX) 24.87; Harol Cabrerra (LX) 25.03; Dante Pinkins (LX) 26.97; William Morales (LX) 29.12.  
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Sam Smith (MC) 50.58; 2. Josh White (LX) 50.74; 5. Michael Rodriguez (LX) 53.93; Adrian Cardiel (LX) 57.39. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Hunter Osentowski (KC) 2:05; Sergio Escobar (GOT) 2;09; Adrian Cardiel (LX) 2:19; Mohammed Mohammed (LX) 2:24; Sharm Abdi (LX) 2:24. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Cole Kennedy (BER) 4:31; 4. JohnMark Shields (LX) 4:50; Sharm Abdi (LX) 5:04; Ricardo Gaeta (LX) 5:16; Edvin Ramirez (LX) 5:39. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Trent Anderson (HOL) 10:05; 2. JohnMark Shields (LX) 10:13; 6. Ricardo Gaeta (LX) 10:40; Edvin Ramirez (LX) 11:38. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Kearney 44.19; 3. Lexington 45.49. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 3:34; 2. Lexington 3:35. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 8:27. 

Haymakers Flourish At Northwest Track Invite

On one of the best days to compete thus far in 2016, the Cozad contingency of tracksters took full advantage of the situation to put up notable performances against some of Central Nebraska’s best at the Dave Gee Invitational that was held at Northwest High School in Grand Island on Thursday afternoon. 
Doing her best in the longest running event of the day paid off dearly for Whitney Applegate in front of a large group of friends and family members. Applegate circled the oval eight times in a new school record time of 12:24, to lower her past fastest record effort. Applegate ended up finishing fourth overall against the loaded field of competitors. 
Starring in her specialty event, Kennedy Berreckman continues to shine in the high jump. Berreckman was the runner-up medalist after clearing 5’2” along with one other girl that ended up being the gold medalist also by clearing 5’2”. 
Combining their speed and teamwork resulted in great success for the Lady Haymakers as the 400 meter relay foursome of Darci Hoffmaster, Carissa Jensen, Becca Etherton and Brenna Dugan were quick silver in finishing second overall with a time of 53.56. 
Finishing her first lap in contention and kicking to the finish was the formula for success for Sarah Yocom in the 800-meter run to win a bronze medal in 2:28. 
Using the slight wind to her advantage, Carissa Jensen strided out to speed past many of the competitors in the 200 meter dash to finish in third place with a stellar time of 27.59 seconds. 
Being quick out of the gate and getting to full speed quickly was beneficial for Lady Haymaker Darci Hoffmaster to finish fourth overall in the 100 meter dash with a clocking of 13.4 seconds. 
In the throwing events, the Lady Haymakers stood strong. Senior Alec Geiger was the fifth place medalist with a top effort of 34’4.75” in the shotput. Having a career day, Sydney Lindstedt launched the discus past the 98’3” mark to finish fifth overall. 
On the On the flipside, the Cozad boys started their day off on the oval with great success and momentum in finishing fifth in the 3200 meter relay. The Haymaker quartet of Blaine Emerson, Chandler Brock, Trevor Donahey and Garrett Savick completed the exchanges in 9:25 to bring home the fifth place medal. 
Displaying an excellent vertical jump, Senior Jake Williams was among the last ones standing in the high jump by clearing 5’4” successfully, finishing sixth. 
Gaining momentum and confidence in his performance at the right time is Jordan Menagh in the pole vault. Menagh soared over 12’1” to finish in fifth place. 
Dave Gee Invitational
Girls Results
Northwest 196.5; Aurora 109; BC-NG 70; Cozad 47; Adams Central 41; Holdrege 35; Grand Island CC 18; Central City 9.5. 
--Long Jump: 1. Karsen Sears (NW) 17’1”; Brenna Dugan (CZ) 14’4”; Abbi Jensen (CZ) 13’0.5”; Madi Wilkinson (CZ) 12’7.5”. 
--Triple Jump: 1. Nicole Phinney (NW) 35’0”; Kennedy Berreckman (CZ) 30’1.5”; Jordyn Worrell (CZ) 29’7”.   
--High Jump: 1.  Sheldon Beierman (BC) 5’2”; 2. Kennedy Berreckman (CZ) 5’2”; Hannah Thramer (CZ) 4’4”.  
--Pole Vault: 1. Keri Oswald (AUR) 10’11”; Abby Thramer (CZ) 7’7”; Bri Valenzuela (CZ) 7’7”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Cassidy Connell (HOL) 38’5.75”; 5. Alec Geiger (CZ) 34’4.75”; Madi Mast (CZ) 31’5.25”; Ellie Stallbaumer (CZ) 30’8.5”. 
--Discus: 1. Addison Simmons (NW) 115’7”; 5. Sydney Lindstedt (CZ) 98’3”; Alec Geiger (CZ) 86’5:; Madi Mast (CZ) 82’1”. 
--100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Kayla Bachle (NW) 15.15; Reilly Goings (CZ) 17.51; Hanna Wright (CZ) 18:17. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Kayla Bachle (NW) 46.5; Hanna Wright (CZ) 53.47. 
--100 Meter Dash: 1.  Karsen Sears (NW) 12.52; 4. Darci Hoffmaster (CZ) 13.4; Kaylee Heins (CZ) 14.11; Taylor Hoff (CZ) 14.32.  
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Gabby Stump (NW) 27.37; 3. Carissa Jensen (CZ) 27.59; 6. Darci Hoffmaster (CZ) 27.9; Kaylee Heins (CZ) 29.79. 
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Emily Standage (AUR) 1:00; Carissa Jensen (CZ) 1:08; Madi Wilkinson (CZ) 1:09; Rebecca Etherton (CZ) 1:09. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Baylee Barnett (HOL) 2:26; 3. Sarah Yocom (CZ)  2:28; Hannah Thramer (CZ) 2:46. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Jonna Bart (AUR) 5:26; Katrina German (CZ) 5:46; Ashley Burkholder 5:48. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Sophia Conant (ADC) 12:05; 4. Whitney Applegate (CZ) 12:24. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Northwest 50.51; 2. Cozad 53.56. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Northwest 4:10.26; 5. Cozad 4:40. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Aurora 9:49; 4. Cozad 10:35. 
Boys Results
Aurora 146.33; Northwest 96; Adams Central 88; Holdrege 67; Grand Island CC 54; Central City 37; BC-NG 34; Cozad 4.66. 
--Long Jump: 1. Samaan Adenti (GIC) 20’8”; Garrett Savick (CZ) 17’4”; Jake Williams (CZ) 16’5.5”.  
--Triple Jump: 1.  Taylor Beck (42’10.5”; Maddux Myer (CZ) 33’8.25”; Nathan Karel (CZ) 32’3”. 
--High Jump: 1.Charles Weed (HOL) 6’0”; 6. Jake Williams (CZ) 5’4”; Jonthan Neill (CZ) 5’4”.   
--Pole Vault: 1. Hunter Pursley (AUR) 13’7”; 5. Jordan Menagh (CZ) 12’1” Brandon Koch (CZ) 9’1”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Daton Peters (AUR) 53’2.5”.
--Discus: 1. Dalton Peters (AUR) 155’10”. 
--110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Scott Ketteler (BC) 15.66.
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Tanner Lierman (NW) 42.18; Jonathan Neill (CZ) 49.59. 
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Cooper Rogers (HOL) 10.87; Jake Williams (CZ) 12.27; Jonathan Neill (CZ) 12.85; Toby Salazar (CZ) 13.38. 
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Ethan Lang (ADC) 22.62; Garrett Savick (CZ) 24.68; Toby Salazar CZ) 27.65; Maddux Myer (CZ) 28:03. 
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Preston Dibbern (AUR) 52.73; Nathan Karel (CZ) 1:06. 
--800 Meter Run: 1.Ethan Bergmann (AUR) 2:02; Trevor Donahey (CZ) 2:19; Blaine Emerson (CZ) 2:26; Kaden Garcia (CZ) 2:35.
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Grant Moody (AUR) 4:45; Chandler Brock (CZ) 5:10; Kolten Morse (CZ) 5:56. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Nick Lindblad (ADC) 10:19.
--400 Meter Relay: 1.Northwest 43.96; Cozad 48.59. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Northwest 3:35. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Aurora 8:32; 5. Cozad 9:25. 

Golf Action From Gothenburg Invite


Golf Action From Gothenburg Invite


Lexington, Cozad, Gothenburg Battle For Suprmacy At Swede Links Invite

Conquering the course is hard enough without the wind being a factor was the rhyme and reason for the linksters to showcase their skills and tame the Wild Horse Golf Club at the Gothenburg Invitational on Thursday. 
Noah Hoffman of McCook and North Platte’s Kort Steele tied for the lead with a score of 73 at the end of 18-holes. A one-hole playoff declared Hoffman the victor. 
Paced by the efforts of silver medalist Kort Steele, the Bulldogs of North Platte won the team crown. The Haymakers and Swedes finished third and fourth overall in the team race. 
Earning a top ten finish was Sam Cole with a scorecard of 82. 
One shot back with scores of 83 for their 18-hole round were John Kozeal of Gothenburg, Jordan Henry of Cozad and Haymaker Adam Cole as they finished 12th, 13th and 14th, respectively. 
Grant Sell of Gothenburg was just outside the top fifteen with a score of 86, good enough to tie for 19th place. 
Patrick Messersmith of Gothenburg and Cozad’s Logan Geiser were close behind with scores of 87 and 91. 
Lexington was led by Braydon Benjamin with a carded score of 99. 
North Platte 311; McCook 321; Cozad 339; Gothenburg 352; Sidney 353; Decatur Community 356; Holdrege 375; Broken Bow 376; Bellevue East 381; Minden 384; Scottsbluff 385; Gothenburg JV 390; Ogallala 413; Lexington 492. 
Individual Top Fifteen Scores
1. Noah Hoffman  MC  73
2. Kort SteeleNP  73
3. Jonah Wright  SB  74
4. Kyle Zimbelman  NP  75
5. Kelly Brown  DC  76
6. Riley Loop  MC  79
7. Nate Dvorak  SID 79
8. Griffin Wright  BOW 80
9. Jayden Neal  NP  81
10. Sam Cole  CZ  82
11. Kade Wroot  NP  82
12. John Kozeal  GOT  83
13. Jordan Henry  CZ  83
14. Adam Cole  CZ  83
15. Masen Sis  MC  83
Sam Cole 82, Jordan Henry 83, Adam Cole 83, Logan Geiser 91, Dillon Kolbo 125. 
Braydon Benjamin 99, Jaxon Fagot 108, Jackie Vu 133, Antonio Stewart 152. 
John Kozeal 83, Grant Sell 86, Patrick Messersmith 87, Sean Scott 94, Bryce Kowalewski 94, Riley Ostendorf 96, Quinn Haynes 96, Ziek Brian 96, Nathan Jobman 97, Alex Meyer 105, Stuart Moore 106, Jason Jobman 108, Noah Larson 109. 

Tribune REWIND: A Look Back At Sports Spanning 30 years

Lady Swede Senior vaulter Ali Clark won the gold medal at the Best of the Midwest Track and Field Championships by clearing 10’2”. In the process, Clark etched her name as the Gothenburg High School record holder in the pole vault. 
Lexington’s No. 1 Doubles team of Jenna Monter and Amanda Longly won their division in the GNAC Tennis Championships. Kelsey Ondrak contributed four team points for the Maids with four victories in No. 2 Singles action. 
Kristen Price and Alex Stewart were the Outstanding Scholar Athletes at the Lexington Booster Club Sports Spring Banquet. Price received the Lloyd Ramsey Award and Stewart was awarded the Kenneth Mingus plaque. 
The Haymakers were fourth overall in the SWC Golf Championships with a combined score of 322. Cozad was led by Wyatt Morse, who carded a 79, good enough for 10th best overall. Gothenburg was led by the links expertise of Adam Yilk. Yilk circled the course to score an 82. 
Lexington’s girls tennis squad picked up a 7-2 win over McCook in dual action. Lexington won five of the six singles matches with Rachel Cook, Brette Baldwin, Lauren Pfister, Laura Vondras and Sara Lauby ending up with victories. Lindsay Hain and Pfister teamed up to post a big win in No. 1 doubles. Cook and Baldwin teamed up to score an easy win at No. 3 doubles.
Cozad, Gothenburg and Lexington will be well represented at the Nebraska Class B Track and Field Championships at Omaha. Qualifying spots were issued during the B-5 District held in Lex. David Taylor, a pole vaulter, is Cozad’s lone qualifier. He finished third in the pole vault, sailing over 13’3”. Swedes Travis Sheffield and Jeff Ellis are heading to Omaha. Sheffield was third in district discus action (146’8”), Ellis was runner-up in the 800 (2:04.5). Lex tracksters who will advance are Rusty Sutton, Kris Moore, Kelly Grant and the 400 and 1600 meter relay teams.
Award presentations highlighted the annual Cozad Haymaker Booster’s Athletic Banquet. Those saluted included Bobby Griese, Boys Coaches and U.S. Marine Distinguished Athlete award winner; Aaron Hendricksen and Aaron Brockmeier, co-winners of the Coaches’ Outstanding Athlete of the Year prize; and Tim Davis, U.S. Army Reserve Academic Award honoree. Girls who earned accolades for athletic achievement included Jaime LaBrayere, Coaches’ Most Valuable Athlete of the Year Award; Joette Howerter and Cathy Wilson, co-winners of the Girls Coaches Outstanding Athlete accolade and Melissa Swan, U.S. Army Reserve Academic Award.
When it came down to clutch time, Gothenburg was able to hold on for a single stroke win over Minden to clinch the Southwest Conference (SWC) Golf Championships. The 310-311 Swede victory was as close as it could get. As if the team skirmish wasn’t enough, Minden’s Bill Runions and Swede Matt Viergutz had to play five extra  sudden death holes, before Runions emerged as the meet’s overall medalist. Viergutz was joined in the top five,  by Swede teammates Tom Fecht and Chad Bartruff, who finished third and fourth, respectively. Cozad’s Randy Weatherly was fifth overall.
Five Haymaker athletes earned recognition for their standout performances in Cozad High School sports. Earning awards were Heather Rhoadarmer, Jaycees Award; Jennifer Gibbens, Coaches Award; Carson Davis, Gene Turner Award; Scott Mackowski, Coaches Award; and Heath Petersen, Coaches Award.
The Cozad golf team held off Lexington and Ogallala in a triangular meet at the Cozad Country Club. The Haymakers led by Mitch Marshall’s par round of 36 won with a  team score of 162. Marshall was the medalist. Lexington was second with a score of 164 and Ogallala finished with a combined total of 167. Cozad used scores of 41 from Jeff Klein and Joel Robison along with a  carded 44 from Chad Beavers for its 162 total. John Richman of Lexington tied for third with a round score of 38. Joining Richman to give Lexington its 164 total were Mike Jahnke (40), Dave Woodside (42) and Todd Nelson with a 44. 
Grand Island Northwest scored 101 points to claim the first ever Cozad Boys Track Invitational team crown. Gothenburg edged Gibbon for the runner-up trophy with 58 points to 56 points for the Buffaloes. Cozad was not far behind in fourth place with 45 total points. Gothenburg had four gold medal performances. Shane Geiken, Jason Dean and Robert Schwanz gave Gothenburg gold medal points. Geiken won the pole vault at 12’6” and teammate Detrick Brock was second at 12’0”.

Eustis/Farnam Community Wellness Center Fundraising Off To Strong Start

The Eustis-Farnam Community Wellness Center Committee is pleased to report that we have currently received over $108,000 in donations during the first month of our fundraising campaign.  The Eustis-Farnam Community Wellness Center project is a partnership between the Eustis-Farnam School and the Eustis Area Community Foundation Fund.  The Eustis-Farnam Community Wellness Center Committee was opened up to the public in June 2014 and has been working to gain interest in the project by completing a community survey, researching building options, and presenting plans to the school board.  The project has been approved and is set to consist of new locker rooms and a Wellness Center with a walking track and exercise equipment that can be safely used by all ages.  The Wellness Center will be open to both students and the public, and it will be attached to the east side of the existing East Gymnasium at the school in Eustis. The Eustis-Farnam school is already set to fund the locker rooms.  The Eustis-Farnam Community Wellness Center Committee, along with the EACFF and the student committee, E-Unit, will be raising all necessary money to build the Wellness Center portion of the project.  The goal is $700,000.  No tax dollars will be used for this portion of the project.  We are working to raise this money through donations, pledges, and grants.
If you are interested in learning more about the project, please contact a Committee member by calling 486-5489 or emailing to eustisfarnam This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Donations can be mailed to the Eustis Farnam Community Wellness Center, PO Box 75, Eustis, NE 69028-0075.  The EACFF is an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible. 

Running Like the Wind at the Hoehner Track & Field Invitational

Making the best of the conditions, the Lexington girls and boys track squads stood strong while competing the LeRoy Hoehner Invitational held in McCook on Friday afternoon. 
The Lexington girls squad was third in the team race with 90 points, Holdrege was the girls champion with 131 points. 
On the boys side, McCook defended their home turf with a compiled total of 172 points. The Minutemen were third overall in the boys points race with 77 points. 
 Leading the charge for the Minutemaids was 100 meter gold medal champion Blaire Edeal. Edeal powered out of the blocks and sped past the finish line with tha time of 13.32 seconds to earn the gold medal. 
The foursome of Blaike Edeal, Bianca Hernandez, Cecilia Rios and Mollie Rowe were golden in completing the exchanges in the 3200 meter relay in 10:56 to win the gold medal. 
On the boys side there were a pair of individual Minutemen crowned gold medal champions. 
Sprinter Josh White turned and burned to the tune of a 22.53 clocking in the 200 meter dash. In the 100 meter dash, White was the silver medalist with a time of 11.13 seconds.
Senior distance runner standout JohnMark Shields put on a gutsy performance to win the 3200 meter run with a time of 10:31 and backed it up with a silver medal winning run of 4:57 in the 1600 meter run. 
One step away from the top run on the podium, Justina Hoisington was the silver medalist in the discus with a top throw of 105’10”. 
Shining bright in the jumps was Hana Brock with a bronze medal winning leap of 34’6” and a fourth place finish in the long jump at 15’3.75”. 
Showcasing the depth of the Maids distance running contingency; Leah Treffer was third in the 800 meter run at 2:41; McKenna Kiburz was third in the 1600 with a time of 6:13 and Cecilia Rios was the bronze medal winner with a time of 13:48. 
Ethan Woehrle had a stellar day in the ring with a top throw of 44’0” in the shotput to finish third overall. 
Senior Trevor McKeone earned the bronze medal in the discus with a top spin of 140’5”.
Leroy Hoehner Invitational
Girls Results
Holdrege 131; McCook 106; Lexington 90; Dundy County/Stratton 82; Colby 54; Cambridge 38; Southern Valley 21. 
--Long Jump: 1. Alea Shaner (CAM) 16’5.75”; 4. Hana Brock (LX) 15’3.75”; 5. Vanessa Lo (LX) 14’11”.   
--Triple Jump: 1. Brielle McKee (CO) 35’1”; 3. Hana Brock (LX) 34’6”.   
--High Jump: 1. Jordan O’Malley (CO) 4’11”; 6. Hana Brock (LX) 4’4”.  
--Pole Vault: 1. Baylie Bryant (HOL) 10’6”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Tiara Schmidt (MC) 40’2”; 5. Justina Hoisington (LX) 35’8.5”. 
--Discus: 1. Faith Hansen (MC) 108’0”; 2. Justin Hoisington (LX) 105’10”. 
--100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Karli Hale (HOL) 17.39. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Savana Quinn (SV) 52.25.   
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Blaire Edeal (LX) 13.32; 5. Michelle Rodriguez (LX) 13.78.  
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Jacee Pfeifer (HOL) 27.64.  
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Aubrey Frederick (DC) 1:03; 4. Jami White (LX) 1:05. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Baylee Barnett (HOL) 2:31; 3. Leah Treffer (LX) 2:41; 4. Mollie Rowe (LX) 2:44; 5. Bianca Hernandez (LX) 2:44. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Madison Lambley (DC) 5:46; 3. McKenna Kiburz (LX) 6:13; 6. Elizabeth Macias (LX) 6:31. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Madison Lambley (DC) 12:04; 3. Cecilia Rios (LX) 13:48; 5. Elizabeth Macias (LX) 14:27. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 52.62; 2. Lexington 53.66. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Dundy County/Stratton 4:23; 3. Lexington 4:30. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Lexington 10:56. 
Boys Results
McCook 172; Holdrege 103; Lexington 77; Colby 69; Dundy County/Stratton 51; Cambridge 40; Southern Valley 10. 
--Long Jump: 1. Matthew Pieper (CO) 21’8.75”. 
--Triple Jump: 1. Matthew Pieper (CO) 43’2”. 
--High Jump: 1. Phalen Sanford (DC) 6’3”; 6. Ajack Waikur (LX) 5’6”.   
--Pole Vault: 1. Josh Carter (MC) 12’6”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Blake Schroeder (HOL) 53’0.75”; 3. Ethan Woehrle (LX) 44’0”; 6. Deing Kug (LX) 41’0.5”. 
--Discus: 1. Blake Schroeder (HOL) 166’1”; 3. Trevor McKeone (LX) 140’5”. 
--110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Jackson Ebbers (CAM) 15.73; 6. Riley Kopf (LX) 17.76. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1.  Phalen Sanford (DC) 41.37; 6. Riley Kopf (LX) 46.9.  
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Cooper Rogers (HOL) 11.09; 2. Josh White (LX) 11.13.  
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Josh White (LX) 22.53; 6. Eddie Morales (LX) 24.23.  
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Sam Smith 51.99; 4. Eddie Morales (LX) 55.37; 5. Michael Rodriguez (LX) 55.52. 
--800 Meter Run: 1.Nolan Priebe (MC) 2:09. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Trent Anderson (HOL) 4:51; 2. JohnMark Shields (LX) 4:57. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. JohnMark Shields (LX) 10:31. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 45.10; 2. Lexington 45.26. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 3:34; 3. Lexington 3:40.
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 8:49; 4. Lexington 9:42. 

Knights, Pirates Post Stellar Marks At Elwood Track Invite


Finishing a week strong was the name of the game for the Knights and Pirates despite the less than ideal conditions as they competed in the Elwood Track and Field Invitational on Friday. 
The Lady Pirates were third overall in the team race with 56 points, trailing only Brady (84) and Bertrand (113). 
Leading the way for the Lady Pirates was Tiffany Dickau with silver medalist honors being won in the 1600 and 3200 meter runs with times of 6:13 and 13:41, respectively. 
Aspen Sitorious scored a runner-up finish in the high jump by clearing 4’8”. 
Going deep into the sand, Elwood’s Taylor Hickey was second in the long jump with a leap of 14’6”.  
Earning a spot on the podium, Eustis/Farnam’s Jessica Deterding was third overall in the 400 (1:06) meter dash and 300 (51.5) meter hurdles. 
Holly Lonowski was the bronze medalist in the pole vault by clearing 7’6”. 
The Elwood 3200 meter relay team conquered the eight-lap affair in 11:23 to finish third overall. 
Ali Jones showcased great strength to finish third (31’6.5”) in the shot put for the Lady Knights. 
The Lady Pirate 400 and 1600 meter foursomes were fourth overall. 
Defending his home turf, Pirate Kalyn Beam was the gold medalist in the high jump by skying over 5’10”.  
Teammate Aaron Clouse was sixth overall in the high jump. 
Max Elliott scored big for the Pirates with a fifth place run in the 100 meter dash and a fifth place finish in the 800 meter run. 
Shaye Collins and Kaleb Gibbens scored sixth place honors in the 110 meter hurdles and the shotput for the Knights, respectively. 
Elwood Invitational
Girls Results
Bertrand 113; Brady 84; Elwood 56; South Loup 56; Elm Creek 52; Loomis 49; Arapahoe 37; Maxwell 33; Southwest 24; Eustis/Farnam 22. 
--Long Jump: 1. Claire Cornell (EC) 16’5.5”; 2. Taylor Hickey (EL) 14’6”.    
--Triple Jump: 1. Nichole Dewey (SE) 32’9.25”. 
--High Jump: 1. Olivia Ten Bensel (ARA) 4’8”; 2. Aspen Sitorius (EL) 4’8”.  
--Pole Vault: 1. Mollie Kaps (BER) 9’6”; 3. Holly Lonowski (EL) 7’6”; 6. Cassie Jorges (EL) 6’6”. 
--Shot Put: 1. Tara Callahan (BRA) 38’6”; 3. Ali Jones (EF) 31’6.5”. 
--Discus: 1. Tara Callahan (BRA) 122’6”; 5. Ali Jones (EF) 89’10”. 
--100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Skylar Hadley (LOM) 15.7.  
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Skylar Hadley (LOM) 49.1; 3. Jessica Deterding (EF) 51.5.    
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Claire Cornell (EC) 13.0; 5. Tobie Carlberg (EL) 13.9.  
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Claire Cornell (EC) 27.1.   
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Emery Swan (BRA) 1:02; 3. Jessica Deterding (EF) 1:06. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Emery Swan (BRA) 2:34. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Michaela Marcy (LOM) 6:04; 2. Tiffany Dickau (EL) 6:13; 6. Holly Lonowski (EL) 6:51.    
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Michaela Marcy (LOM) 13:02; 2. Tiffany Dickau (EL) 13:41.  
--400 Meter Relay: 1.Bertrand 55.2; 4. Elwood 57.8. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Brady 4:29; 4. Elwood 4:47. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. South Loup 11:16; 3. Elwood 11:23; 5. Eustis/Farnam 12:23. 
Boys Results
Southwest 113; Bertrand 93; Brady 81; Elm Creek 73; South Loup 62; Loomis 38; Maxwell 26; Arapahoe 19; Elwood 18; Eustis/Farnam 3; Bertrand JV 1. 
--Long Jump: 1. Alec May (SW) 20’2.5”.    
--Triple Jump: 1. Derek Greenlee (SW) 39’2”.  
--High Jump: 1. Kalyn Beam (EL) 5’10”; 6. Aaron Clouse (EL) 5’4”.   
--Pole Vault: 1. 
--Shot Put: 1. Nate Bartling (EC) 44’1”; 6. Kaleb Gibbens (EF) 39’4.25”. 
--Discus: 1. Ty Hubbard (EC) 148’2”. 
--110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Matt Neiman (BRA) 16.2; 6. Shaye Collins (EF) 24.4. 
--300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Tyrell Younger (BER) 42.2.  
--100 Meter Dash: 1. Levi Asp (LOM) 11.4; 5. Max Elliott (EL) 11.9.   
--200 Meter Dash: 1. Dayne Porter (BRA) 23.2. 
--400 Meter Dash: 1. Dayne Porter (BRA) 54.5. 
--800 Meter Run: 1. Cole Kennedy (BER) 2:12; 5. Max Elliott (EL) 2:23. 
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Cole Kennedy (BER) 5:00. 
--3200 Meter Run: 1. Cole Kennedy (BER) 11:07. 
--400 Meter Relay: 1. Southwest 46.7; 5. Elwood 49.6; 6. Eustis/Farnam 52.3. 
--1600 Meter Relay: 1. Brady 3:47. 
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. South Loup 9:33. 

Lexington Duels On The Pitch With Gering & Scottsbluff

Screen_Shot_2016-04-08_at_11.25.47_AM.pngIn a battle of East vs West, the Lexington Soccer Clubs battled against Scottsbluff and Gering on the pitch in North Platte on Saturday. 
The Minutemaids were able to get on the scoreboard first but it was the big second half by the Lady Bearcats that cashed in with a 3-2 win over the Lexington ladies squad. 
Gabby Mills sparked the Orange and Black to an early 1-0 lead in the first half with Marelyn Vasquez being credited with the assist. 
Scottsbluff was able to even the score at 1-1 on a misscommunication deep inside the Lexington end of the pitch. 
Just ten minutes into the second half of play, the Lady Cats were able to find the back of the net again to score a 2-1 lead on the scoreboard. 
The Minutemaids were able to deadlock the score at 2-2 on a corner kick that Vasquez fired towards the goal that was redirected by Sophia Espinoza to light the candle. 
In the waning minutes, Scottsbluff was fouled in the box and then cashed in on a penalty kick to score the 3-2 win for the Lady Cats. 
Rosy Galvan recorded 17 saves for Lexington. 
Scottsbluff  1  2 -3
Lexington   1  1 -2
In the Lexington boys opening contest, they engaged in a defensive thriller with Scottsbluff that came down to penalty kicks. The Minutemen were a perfect 5-5 in the first round of penalty kicks to score the 1-0 victory over the Cats. 
Sergio Vaquez, Kevin Toledo, Brayan Horta, Lester Perez and Wilmer Hernandez all stepped up to the penalty line and flexed the net for the Minutemen to score the victory. 
Edgar Vargas had a team-high nine saves for the Orange and Black. 
Scottsbluff  0  0(4) -0
Lexington   0  0(5) -1
In the final contest for the Maids, they started off quite well, but then it was the Lady Dawgs of Gering that countered and they netted three goals per half to cruise past Lexington 6-1. 
The Lexington girls dominated the first 10 minutes of the game, but it was Gering that were able to counter with a goal soon thereafter.
It was at that time that miscommunications proved costly as Gering netted two more goals within 10 minutes in the first half to enter the break with a 3-0 lead. 
Chasing a big deficit, the Minutemaids were able to finally penetrate the Gering defense when Elizabeth Romero was able to find Marelyn Vasquez who netted a goal to make the score 6-1 before all the smoke cleared in the contest. 
Gering outshot Lexington, 15-6 in the contest. 
Rosy Galvan had nine saves in the contest with a quarter of remarkable saves. 
Gering       3  3 -6
Lexington   0  1 -1
Scoring early and playing suffocating defense was the formula for success for the Minutemen in their 2-0 victory over Gering on Saturday. 
Wilmer Hernandez scored ona  Lester Perez assist in the early going to give Lexington a 1-0 lead. 
Soon thereafter, Kevin Toledo netted a goal ona a Raymond Morales assist to give the Orange and Black a 2-0 lead which allowed Lexington to cruise to the 2-0 victory. 
Edgar Vargas had a par of saves in the contest for the Minutemen.   
Gering       0  0 -0
Lexington  2  0 -2

Cozad Defends Home Turf Against Indians & Dusters

Taking advantage of a beautiful Spring day, the Haymakers, Indians and Dusters enjoyed a golf triangular at the Cozad Country Club on Tuesday. 
The Cozad varsity squad scored a 168 to defeat Broken Bow (178) and Holdrege (181) in the team race. 
Low rounds for the day were posted by Cozad’s Logan Geiser and Ben Silver of Holdrege with carded 38’s.  Silver hit a hole-in-one on Hole #15. 
Sam Cole and Jordan Henry contributed greatly for the Haymakers with scores of 42 and 43, respectively. 
Logan Geiser 38, Sam Cole 42, Jordan Henry 43, Luke Breon 44, Adam Cole 45, Brock Pollat 45, Dillon Kolbo 48, Dillon Geiser 49, Chris Hoff 57, Hunter Holbein 64, Cam Geiger 68, Micah Armstrong 70, Trevor Linn 99.  
Broken Bow
Jared Kahuk 42, Griffin Wright 43, Cole Kahnk 44, Paul Sanger 45, Sam Duncan 45, Josh Harvey 45, Spencer Gaffney 46, Trsitan Van Houten 50, Bladen Nichols 56, Court Kaelin 59, Cole Ulmer 60, Josh Cyboron 69, Ryan Kuskie 75, Brett Clay 83.  
Ben Silver 38, , Matt Anderson 43, Devin Bell 44, Blare Bauer 45, Brennan Williams 46, Devin Logston 46, Cal Nelson 48, Chance Upson 49, Conner Korth 50, Brett Schrock 56, Jacob Klein 56, James Waller 56, Logan Neinast 57, Ty Urbom 64, Griffin Wiser 65, 

SPORTS REWIND: A look back at 30-years from the TRIBUNE files

Making her Senior year count the most, former Lady Haymaker standout Gretchen Clark was named the MIAA Field Athlete of the Week for Women’s Track and Field, as a result of her record breaking effort in the high jump. On her home turf, Clark soared above the bar that was set at 5’9.25” to establish a new Pitt State School Record as well as a Stadium Record.  
Defending his home course, Lexington’s Nate Jaeger shot a course record score of 65 to win top honors and pace the Minutemen to win the team title at the Lexington Invitational held at Lakeside Country Club. Lex shot a combined team score of 299 to edge Kearney’s score of 301. Minuteman Cam Smith circled the course to the tune of a carded score of 74, to finish sixth overall. The Cozad Haymakers were led by Chase Tellus entering the clubhouse with a score of 79. Andrew Aden ignited the Swede contingency with a carded score of 86. 
Despite winning gold in five events, the Haymakers were edged by Broken Bow in the team race at the Marsh Beck Track and Field Invitational  held in Minden. Cozad had a pair of double-gold medal winning efforts with Dreu Young blitzing the field to complete the sprint double in winning the 200 and 400 meter dashes with clockings of 23.3 and 52.5. 
In a dual on the greens between Southwest Conference (SWC) foes, The Swedes were edged by Ogallala by eight strokes on Gothenburg’s Wild Horse Golf Club. The Indians finished at 146, with the Swede linksters combining to score a  154. Jeff Holm of Gothenburg and Indian Kent Schreiner shared medalist honors for the low rounds of the day, as both carded scores of 33. Isaac Phillips contributed greatly for the Swedes with an effort of 38.
Playing on their own courts proved to be valuable for the Minutemaid netters with both doubles teams winning gold at the Lexington Tennis Invitational. Lindsay Hain and Lauren Pfister  were unstoppable and won all five of their matches at No. 1 Doubles. Sara Lauby and Brette Baldwin won four of five matches, which was good enough for first place at No. 2 Doubles.
Eight medals were awarded when Cozad hosted Lexington and Gothenburg for the Dawson County Golf Championships. Medalists for the Minutemen were Kevin, Jamros, Marc Wisdom, Brad Carpenter and Joel Wisdom, as they swept the top four positions. Lex’s Matt Clements was sixth overall. Cozads top finishers in the Cross County challenge were Drew Armbruster in fifth, Tim Davis seventh and  David Ciavarella eighth.
The Lexington tennis squad worked their way through a tough field of Eastern Nebraska teams and won the Beatrice/ Pius X Tennis Invite. The Maids emerged with 40 team points to defeat runner-up Pius X by seven points. In No. 1 Singles, Maid Shelly Hain was on top of her game and dominated a talented Thunderbolt Christina Nigro (6-2, 6-3) to win the championship. Kylie Woods, playing in the No. 2 singles slot, won by comfortable margins all day before running into a buzzsaw and finally faltering (4-6, 3-6) to the unbeaten Jeniffer Nigro of Pius in the final round.
Rain clouds darkened the skies in Gothenburg making the golfers competing in the Dawson County Boys Golf Championships to work for everything they wanted and more. Apparently they didn’t bother the Swedes very much as four of their top five earned medals on their home course, on their way to a 401-417 victory over runner-up Lexington. Cozad was third with 440. Tom Fecht of Gothenburg and Eric Jamros of Lex, set the pace early, firing first round scores of 38. But on the back nine, Fecht pulled away by carding a 34. Jamros entered the clubhouse with a score of 40 on the back nine. Fecht’s 72 was the low round of the day, and he was one of four Swedes to earn medals. Cozad’s Ross Beavers was the lone medalist for the Haymakers with a carded score of 81. 
Despite the stormy conditions, it was the McCook Boys that were creating the noise in racking up 205 points and the team championship at the Dutch Zorn Invitational Track Meet  that was cold, windy and threatened with tornadoes. Lexington was the runner-up in the team race with 104 points, while Gothenburg was third at 94 points. A pair of Minutemen won gold medals. In the long jump, Jeff Sykes soared 21’11.25” for the gold. Picking up Lex’s second win was Jim Anderson in the 400 meter dash. 
It was a good day for the Cozad boys track team at the Ogallala Invite. The Haymakers scored 91 points to place second in the highly touted field of competing teams. Imperial edged Cozad for the team title with 93 points. The Haymakers had three individual gold medal winners in the meet. Greg Garner won the long jump with a distance of 20’2.5”. In the 3200 meter run Rick Kolbo was first with a time of 10:30.47. Sprinter Kevin Smith won the 100 meter dash in 11.18 seconds and was runner-up in the 200 meter dash, stopping the clock at 23.47 seconds.

Lexington Net Squad Crowned Champions At North Platte Invite

Doing their best against a loaded field of competitiors wasn’t enough to keep the Minutemaids from earning the top honor at the North Platte Tennis Invite on Saturday.
The Lexington girls collectively scored 48 points to defeat the runner-up finishers McCook and Kearney, both scored 45 points throughout the day.  
“I’m proud of the girls for not giving up and happy for them finally winning a big tournament. They have been close the last couple of years, so getting it done makes it special,” explained Maids head coach Ernie French. “We still have a lot of work to do and room to improve, but winning over quality teams is a shot of confidence for them.”
Finishing the day with an unblemished 5-0 record and claiming the gold medal finish at #1 Singles was Lexington Senior Hannah Ostrom. In the championship match, Ostrom defeated Zoe Holscher 8-5.  Ostrom fell behind early 5-2 to the returning fourth place state placer Holscher. Hannah showcased an elite competitive nature and won the next six games to take home the crown. 
Zoie and Lilli won a tough match over Kearney 9-7 and avenged last week’s loss to McCook, 8-5 to earn a spot in the gold medal match at #1 Doubles. The pair of Allen and Fattig were edged by North Platte’s Olivia Nicholson and Hayley Schanou, 8-3 to finish second overall. 
Brylee Lauby finished the day with a 3-2 overall record while competing at #2 Singles. She finished in fifth place. 
The duo of Ellie Hobelman and Ana Ward were seventh overall at #2 Doubles with an overall record of 2-3 for the day. 

Battling Until The End:


Madi Gilg of Gothenburg Wins Pair Of Sprint Crowns At Cozad Triangular


Bihlmaier of Gothenburg Wins Gold In 200 Meter Dash:


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