Minutemen Finish Third In GNAC  Soccer Tournament

Defending their home turf, the Minutemen finished third by defeating top seed Columbus 2-0 in the consolation finals at the GNAC Soccer Tournament that was held in Lexington this weekend.
In their opening contest, the third seeded Minutemen cashed in with a comeback 4-2 win over North Platte.
Wasting no time at all, the Bulldogs of North Platte barked to the tune of Johnny Guethelien scoring in the eighth minute to make the score 1-0.
It was soon thereafter as the momentum was still clearly on the side of the Bulldogs that Ryan Letourneau netted a goal in the 12th minute to give North Platte a 2-0 lead that lasted into the halftime break.
During the ten minute intermission, Lexington fine tuned their attack and it paid off big-time for the Orange and Black.
The Minutemen cut the deficit in half when Mauricio Santos booted a goal in the 52nd minute to make the score 2-1.
As Lexington continued to push forward in hopes of knotting the score, Alex Menjivar found Mauricio Santos with a pass that put Santos in a scoring position and he did just that to deadlock the score at 2-2 with the home pitch fans igniting the rally.
With the momentum clearly on the side of the Minutemen, the Orange and Black cashed in. Lexington’s Luis Cruz got a pass from Kevin Andrade and Cruz flexed the net with a goal that gave the Minutemen a 3-2 lead during the 63rd minute of the match.
With limited time remaining, the Minutemen were holding onto a one-goal lead as time dwindled down in the match. Lexington was able to gain another insurance goal when Mauricio Santos scored his third goal of the match in the 78th minute to make the score 4-2 and push the Orange and Black into the semifinal round.  
North Platte    2    0    2
Lexington    0    4    4
    Lexington: Mauricio Santos 3 (52, 61, 78); Luis Cruz (63).
In the semifinals, the Minutemen engaged in a clash with Norfolk.
Lexington gained the early lead but then allowed a late goal and were forced to shootout, where the Panthers edged Lexington 5-4, to escape with the victory.  
Using the wind at their backs, Lexington made many runs deep into enemy territory. They were finally able to break the ice on the scoreboard when Mauricio Santos booted a penalty kick in the 31st minute to give the Orange and Black a 1-0 lead.
The Minutemen’s lead held into the halftime break.
The score remained 1-0 in favor of Lexington, until Norfolk was able to flex the net when Andrew Meuret scored a goal to knot the score at 1-1.
As time expired, the score remained 1-1 and the decision would be determined via a shootout. Norfolk was able to convert on 5-of-8 attempts, whereas Lexington only flexed the net on 4-of-8 attempts.
The Panthers escaped with the shootout victory over Lex.
Edgar Vargas had four saves for the Minutemen.  
Norfolk    0    1(5)    1
Lexington    1    0(4)    1
Looking to finish strong, the Minutemen scored fast and then scored an insurance goal to earn third place honors 2-0 over top seed Columbus.
Lexington took to the pitch with gumption and the effort paid off with Mauricio Santos scoring on a penalty kick in the 15th minute to give the Orange and Black a 1-0 lead.
Playing great defense and countering against a Columbus team that was pushing forward in hopes of knotting the score was a difference maker for the Minutemen. Kevin Andrade was able to flex the net on a goal with Raymond Morales netting the assist during the 72nd minute to make the score 2-0 and score the shutout victory for Lexington.
Ruben Gonzalez had six saves in pitching the shutout for the Minutemen.
Columbus    0    0    0
Lexington    1    1    2

BATTLING FOR control of the ball is Minuteman Lester Perez (16) and Norfolk’s David Carlson on Saturday afternoon.

Cozad & Gothenburg Post Stellar Marks At Broken Bow Invitational

Taking advantage of wonderful conditions, the Cozad and Gothenburg tracksters scored rave reviews while competing at the Broken Bow Invitational on Friday.
There was an abundance of talent that ascended on the Indian oval, runway and ring to compete for top honors.
Kennedy Berreckman of Cozad and Swede Reid Houchin both scored gold medal winning efforts in their specialty events.
Being the last one standing in the high jump was Berreckman by being the lone jumper to clear 5’0” and win the crown for the Red and Black. Gothenburg’s Kim Whiting was the bronze medalist in the high jump by clearing 4’4”.
Houchin was the first to the tape in one of the more difficult races, the Gothenburg hurdler crossed the finish line in 43.7 seconds to win the 300-meter timbers.
 The duo of Lady Swede jumpers, Kasey Wellmann and McKenna Peterson earned silver medalist honors. Wellmann went deep to the tune of 16’1.5” to finish second in the long jump. Peterson reached past the 31 foot milestone with a top jump of 31’5.5” to earn runner-up accolades.
The TRIBUNE-area was also well-represented in the throwing ring. Cozad’s Alec Geiger had a great day in the shotput with a top throw of 39’5” to finish second. Lady Swede Becca Riley spun the platter past the 112’1” mark to earn the silver medal in the discus.
Gothenburg sprinter Madi Gilg had a fantastic day on the cinders by finishing second overall in the 100-meter dash with a time of 13.5 seconds. In her specialty event, Andie Geiken powered to a runner-up finish in the 400-meters, stopping the watch at 1:02.
Going vertical with gumption, Swede Seth Eggleston flopped over 5’10” to earn the silver medal in the high jump.
Against a loaded field of distance runners, Collin Hahn held his own to earn a podium finish in third place overall in the 1600-meter run with a four-lap time of 4:46.
Broken Bow Invitational
Girls Results
Holdrege 169; Ord 118; Scottsbluff 87; Gothenburg 50; McCook 40; Cozad 35; Broken Bow 24.
    --Long Jump: 1. Celeena Holt (HOL) 16’10.75”; 2. Kasey Wellmann (GOT) 16’1.5”; Chandler Raastad (COZ) 13’4”; Abbi Jensen (COZ) 12’11.5”.
    --Triple Jump: 1. Karli Hale (HOL) 33’2.5”; 2. McKenna Peterson (GOT) 31’5.5”.
    --High Jump: 1. Kennedy Berreckman (COZ) 5’0”; 3. Kim Whiting (GOT) 4’4”.    
    --Pole Vault: 1. Maggie Gardner (HOL) 11’0”; Bri Valenzuela (COZ) 8’0”.
    --Shotput: 1. Tiara Schmidt (MC) 40’5.5”; 2 Alec Geiger (COZ) 39’5”; Ana Meisinger (GOT) 31’7”; Ellie Stallbaumer (COZ) 31’1.5”; Madi Mast (COZ) 30’5.5”.  
    --Discus: 1. Kate Grint (ORD) 115’1”; 2. Becca Riley (GOT) 112’1”; 6. Alec Geiger (COZ) 95’1”; Bayleigh Nemeth (COZ) 87’9”; Sierra Reicks (COZ) 70’6”; Ana Meisinger (GOT) 70’0”.   
    --100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Elizabeth Bauman (HOL) 16.21; 4. Reilly Goings (COZ) 17.66; Hanna Wright (COZ) 18.44; Nicole Moreno (COZ) 21.30.    
    --300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Tori Beran (ORD) 46.66; Hanna Wright (COZ) 53.86; Kim Whiting (GOT) 55.66.
    --100 Meter Dash: 1. Elizabeth Bauman (HOL) 13.36; 2. Madi Gilg (GOT) 13.5; 6. Chandler Raastad (COZ) 14.45; Reilly Goings (COZ) 14.5; McKenna Peterson (GOT) 14.51; Abbi Jensen (COZ) 15.12; Jordan Baker (GOT) 15.47.   
    --200 Meter Dash: 1. Elizabeth Bauman (HOL) 27.4; Andie Geiken (GOT) 29.09; Chandler Raastad (COZ) 30.02; Abbi Jensen (COZ) 31.23; Jordan Baker (GOT) 31.71.  
    --400 Meter Dash: 1. Jacee Pfeifer (HOL) 1:01; 2. Andie Geiken (GOT) 1:02; 5. Kasey Wellmann (GOT) 1:04; Kennedy Berreckman (COZ) 1:09.
    --800 Meter Run: 1. Baylee Barnett (HOL) 2:31.  
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Shayleigh James (SB) 5:38; 6. Valeria Estrada (COZ) 5:58; Kylie Koehler (GOT) 6:23.
    --3200 Meter Run: 1. Whitney Riesen (SB) 12:16; 6. Whitney Applegate (COZ) 13:20; Sydney Gruber (GOT) 13:57.
    --400 Meter Relay: 1. Holdrege 52.15; 4. Gothenburg 53.74; 6. Cozad 57.92.  
    --1600 Meter Relay: 1. Ord 4:16; 5. Cozad 5:03.
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Ord 10:18; 3. Cozad 11:13.
Boys Results
Scottsbluff 151; McCook 137; Holdrege 121; Broken Bow 38; Gothenburg 32; Ord 22; Cozad 22.
    --Long Jump: 1. Bryce Lyons (MC) 21’4.5”; Tyson Schwanz (GOT) 17’1.5”.  
    --Triple Jump: 1. Bryce Lyons (MC) 42’2.75”; 4. Mitchell Wolf (COZ) 39’5.25”; 6. Skyler Schwanz (GOT) 37’4.5”; Marcus Fritton (GOT) 35’0.25”; Tyson Schwanz (GOT) 35’0”.
    --High Jump: 1. Greg Gaston (MC) 5’10”; 2. Seth Eggleston (GOT) 5’10”; 5. Dylan France (GOT) 5’6”; Mitchell Wolf (COZ) 5’6”; Marcus Fritton (GOT) 5’4”; Matt Menagh (COZ) 5’2”.   
    --Pole Vault: 1. Spencer Powell (MC) 15’0”; Caleb Rice (GOT) 11’6”; Bryan Martinez (GOT) 11’0”.  
    --Shotput: 1. Blake Schroeder (HOL) 53’4”; 6. Colten Leibhart (COZ) 44’0.5”; Mitchell Fischer (COZ) 43’8.5”; Dalton Klein (COZ) 38’11”; Jacob Canas (GOT) 34’9.5”; Alex Jorgenson (GOT) 33’7”; Pat Hudson (GOT) 33’2”.   
    --Discus: 1. Blake Schroeder (HOL) 145’6”; 6. Mitchell Fischer (COZ) 128’10”; Pat Hudson (GOT) 119’8”; Colten Leibhart (COZ) 116’8”; Jacob Canas (GOT) 98’1”; Reece Peden (COZ) 87’7”; Alex Jorgenson (GOT) 77’1”.
    --110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Reed Buettner (HOL) 16.15; 4. Caleb Rice (GOT) 17.12; 6. AJ Whiting (GOT) 17.45.  
    --300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Reid Houchin (GOT) 43.7; AJ Whiting (GOT) 47.29; Caleb Rice (GOT) 47.48.
    --100 Meter Dash: 1. Cooper Rogers (HOL) 11.23; 6. Chase Dugan (COZ) 12.2; Matt Bruntz (GOT) GOT) 12.83; Hunter Holbein (COZ) 12.96; Matt Menagh (COZ) 13.02.
    --200 Meter Dash: 1. Cooper Rogers (HOL) 22.81; 6. Chase Dugan (COZ) 24.9; Reid Houchin (GOT) 25.19; Matt Menagh (COZ) 25.59; Hunter Holbein (COZ) 26.19.
    --400 Meter Dash: 1. Matthew Richardson (SB) 52.81; 4. Daniel Alvarado (COZ) 56.03; Holden Randecker (COZ) 1:04; Brandon Wilkins (COZ) 1:08.
    --800 Meter Run: 1. Matthew Richardson (SB) 2:04; 4. Korbin Mercer (COZ) 2:11; Jacob Franzen (GOT) 2:24.
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Matthew Barraza (SB) 4:38; 3. Collin Hahn (GOT) 4:46; Blake Riley (GOT) 5:28; Trevor Donahey (COZ) 5:39; Quin Karel (COZ) 5:40; Kolten Morse (COZ) 6:43.  
    --3200 Meter Run: 1. Shane Burkey (SB) 10:09.
    --400 Meter Relay: 1. Holdrege 44.1.
    --1600 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 3:39; 4. Cozad 3:46.
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. McCook 8:50; 5. Cozad 10:19.

CLEARING THE FINAL timber in the 100-meter hurdles is Lady Haymaker Hanna Wright on Friday afternoon. Wright finished seventh overall, stopping the watch in 18.44 seconds. 

SPORTS REWIND: A look back at 30-years from the TRIBUNE files


Persevering through the rain, the golfers from Lexington, Cozad and Gothenburg battle for honors at the Gothenburg Golf Invitational. Leading all TRIBUNE area linksters was Minuteman Shad Wellmann with a carded 18-hole score of 79. Just breaking into the top ten with a stellar showing was Haymaker Andrew Tellus with a round score of 83 to lead the Red and Black. Falling just outside the top ten honorees was Lexington’s RJ Seberger and Ty Rogers of Cozad with matching 18-hole scores of 87. Leading the way for the Swedes was Jackson Graham with a score of 89. Scoring valuable points in the team race was Trever Miller of Lexington, Eric Zimbelman  of Cozad and Swede linkster Matt Marshall, all with scores of 90 for their 18-hole round.



The Lexington Minutemen won the team title at the Gothenburg golf Invitational played at Wild Horse Country Club. Nate Jaeger’s score of 77 led Lexington. Wyatt Morse of Cozad shot an 89, which was the low round score posted by a Haymaker. Playing on his home turf, Swede Andrew  Aden sparked the Gothenburg linksters with a carded 83.
Eustis/Farnam’s Tyler Kugler remained unbeaten on the track by sweeping the sprinting events at the Arapahoe Invitational Kugler hit the tapelines in the 100 (11.03), 200 (23.1) and 400 (51.5) meter dashes.
Gothenburg’s Seth Pelzer along with a pair of Minutemen, Kyle Heineman and Miguel Macias, claimed gold at the Don Bader track and field Invitational. Pelzer cleared 6’3” to outjump the field in the high jump. Heineman went deep in the long jump, surpassing 21’3.5” and Macias ran a 4:38 in the 1600 meter run to take home top honors.
Sprinter Haley Bergstrom of Lexington won the 100 and 200 meters with clockings of 12.68 and 26.15, respectively, while competing at the Don Bader Invitational. Teammate Hannah Mandelko cruised to a sweep of the hurdle gold hardware, breezing over the 100 meter hurdles in 15.5 and running the low time of 49.26 in the 300 hurdles.



Players named to compete in the West Nebraska All-Star football game in Scottsbluff from the TRIBUNE- area were Jake Fecht, Gothenburg; Alex Long, Lexington; Garth Mins, Lexington; Andy Hughes, Elwood and Jason Ritterbush, Cozad.
Nicole Shirley of Lexington led the Maids in the Bader track and field Invitational. Shirley won the high jump (5’5”) and 300 meter hurdles (47.8).
Eustis/Farnam golfers shared attention in the Alma Invitational. Chad Keller led the Knights with a carded score of 89. Scoring big for the Knights were Mike Strong, Logan Bean and Jeff Dixon with scores of 105, 106 and 121, respectively.
Lexington toppled Hastings in girls tennis, 7-2. Rachel Cook, Katie Hain and Megan Lauby were singles match winners. Cook and Hain prevailed as doubles victors.



Gothenburg’s girls won the Dawson County track and field championships. The Lady Swedes outpointed Lexington 90-88. Trina Franzen and Hallie Stevens were among the Gothenburg leaders. Franzen won the triple jump (34’9.25”), the 100 meter hurdles (16.44) and long jump (16’1”). Stevens topped the high jump (5’2”) and 1600 meter run (5:46).
Chris Dishman and Brendan Holbein, Cozad players on the national championship winning Nebraska Cornhusker football team, were the prom speakers at CHS. Their program featured a video entitled, “Husker Highlights.”
Kim VerMaas of Lexington was a double winner at the Holdrege Invitational. VerMaas won the shotput with a heave of 36’5” and launched the discus 111’8.



Haymaker standouts, Carson Davis, Matt Burkholder and Mike Montgomery, all stepped into the winner’s circle for Cozad at the Grand Island Northwest track and field Invitational. Davis won his specialty events, with victories over 1600 (4:45) and 3200 (10:20) meters. Burkholder doubled up in winning the pole vault (13’3) and 200 (22.1) meter dash. Montgomery flipped a career best toss of 164’3” to earn the discus gold.
Heather Rhoardarmer led Cozad in the girls division of the Northwest Invitational. Rhoardarmer tossed the discus 127’5”. Haymakers Lara Burkholder and Nicki Swanson also had outstanding gold medal winning efforts. Burkholder won the long jump with a leap of 16’9” and Swanson cleared 5’0” to win the high jump competition.
Holdrege topped Cozad in boys golf, 171-180. The Haymakers were led by Randy Weatherly firing a round of 42. Contributing greatly to Cozad’s team score were Jeff Svajgr (45) and Travis Schweitzer (49).
Mike Montgomery of Cozad was picked to play in the Nebraska Shrine Bowl. Montgomery will be a member of the South team.
Eustis won the girls title in the Kearney State track and field Invitational. The Tigers rolled up 110 points, compared to runner-up Wheeler Central’s 82 points. Among the Eustis winnings were the 400 meter relay team, with hand-offs being completed by Katherine Moore, Brenda Keller, Shelley Romatzke and Donica Lee. The quartet was clocked in 54.1.



Lexington and Gothenburg tracksters shattered records at the Lexington track and field Invitational. Minuteman Russ Stahla boosted the long jump standard to 24’4.75” and Swede Bump Novacek cruised the 300 meter hurdles in 39.3. Stahla’s jump moved him into first place in the statewide comparisons.
Becky Muma of Lexington established a new Dawson Count 3200 meter race record when she toured the route in 12:30.
Gothenburg’s Kressy DeCamp, a two-time all state basketball player and super state player announced her intentions of enrolling at Doane College to play basketball for the Tigers.

Lexington Schools Names New Coaches For Girls Hoops, Softball

Lex Schools unveiled Mike Jorgenson and Cassondra Sund as two new varsity head coaches for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.
Jorgenson has previous head coaching experience at Maywood, Palmyra and Sutherland. He led the Lady Sailors to the State Tournament in 2011. This past season, Jorgenson was an assistant hoops coach at Logan View. He will teach industrial technology at Lexington.
Cassondra Sund has been named the new varsity softball coach. Sund had a very successful career as a UNK softball player and is one of the all-time offensive leaders. Sund has been an assistant coach at Elkhorn this past season and along with her coaching assignment, she will teach science at Lexington Middle School.

Maids Have Stellar GNAC Tournament On The Pitch

The Lexington Girls Soccer Squad had an excellent showing in front of their home fans while competing in the GNAC Tournament this weekend.
The Minutemaids engaged in a heated battle with North Platte in the first round. The Lady Dawgs netted a 3-0 hard-fought win over the upset-minded Lexington squad on Friday afternoon.
Lexington was doing an outstanding job of winning the ball in the middle and keeping the North Platte players on their toes. The Lady Dawgs were able to net a goal in the first half to enter the halftime break with a 1-0 lead.
The Minutemaids continued to battle with valuable successes being gained. The North Platte offense was able to score a pair of goals in the final minutes to score the 3-0 victory.
“The girls played a spirited game and felt good about their performance,” expressed Lexington kicker skipper Keith Allen. “When the girls win the ball in the middle third and get creative, positive things happen.”
Jennifer Quinteros had 11 saves in the match for Lex.
North Platte    1    2    3
Lexington    0    0    0
In the second round on Saturday morning, the Maids scored a 3-0 shutout victory over Gering.
With the wind at their backs, the Lexington offense cashed in early when Elizabeth Romero sent a crossing pass that Bianca Gomez booted into the goal and made the score 1-0 in favor of the Orange and Black.
Getting creative and making a move was Marelyn Vasquez in scoring off of a great pass from Cecilia Betancourt to give the Minutemaids a 2-0 lead at the halftime break.
During the second half, Gering made many runs deep into Lexington’s territory but it was the defense of the Maids that stood tall and strong. The Bulldogs best chance of scoring was on a penalty kick that was turned away by Jennifer Quinteros to keep the score at 2-0.
In the final moments, Lex’s Katherinne Galvan took a direct kick from nearly 30 yards out and with the wind howling, the ball bent and was deflected by Elizabeth Romero for a third goal for the Minutemaids, as they scored the 3-0 shutout win.
In netting the shutout, Jennifer Quinteros had six saves.
Gering    0    0    0
Lexington    2    1    3
As a result of their win over Gering, the Minutemaids would battle with Norfolk for fifth place honors.
The Panthers were able to score a goal per half to net a 2-0 win over Lexington.
With the wind at their backs, the Norfolk offense looked to gain an early edge on the scoreboard. The Cats scratched out a goal with about 10 minutes to go in the first half of play that gave the Panthers a 1-0 lead at the break.
Lexington sought to use the wind in the second half and had several good runs but then couldn’t quite get through the midfield of the Panthers. It didn’t help their cause with the added fatigue of the second game of the day.
The score remained 1-0 until Norfolk netted their insurance goal in the final minute of the contest.
Jennifer Quinteros had nine saves in the match for Lex.
Norfolk    1    1    2
Lexington    0    0    0

PENETRATING THE DEFENSE is Lexington speedster Diana Romero against Lady Bulldogs Abby Kiesel (7) and Sydney Havengar during the waning minutes of the second half on Saturday afternoon during the GNAC Tournament.

Truax Named Activities Director At Lexington

Coming back to lead the charge of the Minutemen and Minutemaids activities is Phil Truax, who was named the Lexington Schools Activities Director by the Lexington School Board on Monday evening.
Truax is currently finishing his third year as the Activities Director and Assistant Principal at Dundy County/Stratton High School where he also was the varsity football coach. Truax previously taught and coached at Lexington from 2005 through 2011.
“My family and I are excited to come back to Lexington. We have developed some really great friendships in Lexington and are very happy to be a part of such a supportive community,” expressed Phil Truax.
The initial goals that Truax expresses as being the Activities Director at Lexington, “My role as an Activities Director is to keep all the moving parts (coaches, educators, administrators, parents and community) focused on our mission, which is to make a positive difference in the lives of our student-athletes,” explained Truax. “I feel that I have learned a lot during my years of being an educator, coach and administrator to assist the student-athletes of Lexington to enjoy success that they have earned through the process of doing things the right way. When I see kids sincerely enjoying those moments, that’s what gives me a lift and a sense of pride in what I do.”
Phil Truax will assume the Activities Director position at Lexington Schools for this upcoming 2015-2016 school term starting his duties on July 1st.


Zitterkopf Wins Triple Crown To Lead Lex At Aurora Invite

Lexington got a chance to compete against some of the best in Class B, as they ascended on Aurora for their annual Track and Field Invitational that was postponed until Friday.
The Minutemen’s Isaac Zitterkopf had his hand in a triple crown by winning the triple jump, high jump and being a member of the gold medal winning 1600-meter relay. Zitterkopf continues to climb the ladder in the high jump, as he cleared 6’6” to win. He went deep to the tune of 43’7.25” in the triple jump to earn top honors.
Zitterkopf was joined by Chandler Flynn, Andy Manzo and Michael Rodriguez to win the 1600-meter relay with a time of 3:33.
On the girls side, Rebecca Rieke was the last one standing in the high jump, as she cleared 5’0” to win the crown. On the oval, Rieke was fourth overall in the 100-meter hurdles.
Continuing to get better and better each week, Leesa Gierhan was sixth overall in the 200-meter (28.84) and 400-meter (1:04) dash events.
Along with his gold medal leg in the relay, Chandler Flynn was quicksilver in his specialty events. Flynn was second overall in the 400-meters with a time of 52.08 seconds. Chandler also was among the leaders in the sprint to the finish in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:02, good enough for runner-up honors.
Andy Manzo continues to gain confidence and his speed is blossoming before his eyes. Manzo was a leg on the gold medal relay and qualified for the finals in both short sprint races. In the 200-meters, Manzo was fifth overall with a time of 24.33 seconds.
Senior strongman Kolin Kenton was the bronze medalist in the shotput with a top throw of 46’9”. In the discus competition, Kenton spun the platter past the 127’2” mark to finish sixth overall.
The Minutemaids 1600 and 3200-meter relays scored fourth place accolades.
Aurora Invitational
Girls Results
    --Long Jump: 1. Kayla Bachle (NW) 16’4”.
    --Triple Jump: 1. Bailey Zarybnicky (BEA) 34’2”; Rebecca Rieke (LX) 30’7.25”.  
    --High Jump: 1. Rebecca Rieke (LX) 5’0”.
    --Pole Vault: 1. Keri Oswald (AUR) 9’6”.   
    --Shotput: 1. Jordyn Stearns (YRK) 41’8.25”; Yoselyn Gonzalez (LX) 29’2”; Justina Hoisington (LX) 26’2.25”.    
    --Discus: 1. Tianna Hausman (BEA) 134’4”; Justina Hoisington (LX) 92’2”; Yoselyn Gonzalez (LX) 85’1”.
    --100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Kayla Bachle (NW) 15.91; 4. Rebecca Rieke (LX) 16.81.   
    --300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Kennedy Mogul (YRK) 40.14; Rebecca Rieke (LX) 52.38; Cecilia Rios (LX) 56.24.
    --100 Meter Dash: 1. Mika Brees (SW) 12.78; Jami White (LX) 14.55.
    --200 Meter Dash: 1. Mika Brees (SW) 26.44; 6. Leesa Gierhan (LX) 28.84; Aly Leger (LX) 30.22; Jami White (LX) 30.51.  
    --400 Meter Dash: 1. Bailey Zarybnicky (BEA) 1:01; 6. Leesa Gierhan (LX) 1:04; Aly Leger (LX) 1:08; Jami White (LX) 1:08.  
    --800 Meter Run: 1. Erin Lee (YRK) 2:18; Leah Treffer (LX) 2:38; Miranda Marroquin (LX) 2:41.  
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Erin Lee (YRK) 5:23; Cecilia Rios (LX) 6:01; Bianca Hernandez (LX) 6:13; Ana Hernandez (LX) 6:46.
    --3200 Meter Run: 1. Megan Billington (NW) 11;15; Bianca Hernandez (LX) 13:31; Ana Hernandez (LX) 14:55.
    --400 Meter Relay: 1. Northwest 51.93; 6. Lexington 55.48.
    --1600 Meter Relay: 1. York 4:15; 4. Lexington 4:29.
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. Seward 10:21; 4. Lexington 10:45.
Boys Results
    --Long Jump: 1. Cale Wagner (SEW) 22’11.5”; Isaac Zitterkopf (LX) 19’6”.  
    --Triple Jump: 1. Isaac Zitterkopf (LX) 43’7.25”.  
    --High Jump: 1. Isaac Zitterkopf (LX) 6’6”.
    --Pole Vault: 1. Hunter Pursley (AUR) 14’0”; Jose Francisco (LX) 9’6”.     
    --Shotput: 1. Cameron Jurgens (BEA) 53’0.25”; 3. Kolin Kenton (LX) 46’9”; Armando Pinedo (LX) 40’10.25”; Jesus Romero (LX) 35’7”.   
    --Discus: 1. Cameron Jurgens (BEA) 166’4”; 6. Kolin Kenton (LX) 127’2”; Trevor McKeone (LX) 126’2”; Armando Pinedo (LX) 116’9”.   
    --110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Tanner Lierman (NW) 16.23.  
    --300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Cale Wagner (NW) 41.37.
    --100 Meter Dash: 1.  Kyle Glandt (SEW) 11.34; Andy Manzo (LX) 11.87; Trevor McKeone (LX) 12.32; Christian Jacobo (LX) 12.39.
    --200 Meter Dash: 1. Kyle Glandt (SEW) 23.3; 5. Andy Manzo (LX) 24.33; Christian Jacobo (LX) 25.05.
    --400 Meter Dash: 1. Riley Kraus (BEA) 51.94; 2. Chandler Flynn (LX) 52.08; 5. Michael Rodriguez (LX) 54.83.
    --800 Meter Run: 1. Cade Zumpfe (YRK) 2:02; 2. Chandler Flynn (LX) 2:02.
--1600 Meter Run: 1. Ethan Bergman (AUR) 4:50; Poli Calmo (LX) 5:15.
    --3200 Meter Run: 1. Grant Johnston (ON) 10:22; Poli Calmo (LX) 11:13.
    --400 Meter Relay: 1. Northwest 44.96; 5. Lexington 46.63.  
    --1600 Meter Relay: 1. Lexington 3:33.
--3200 Meter Relay: 1. O’Neill 8:40.

Kearney Cinema



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