958 Students Report For Classes At Cozad PDF Print E-mail

Enrollment in the Cozad Community Schools for the 2014-15 term stands at 958.
There are also  34 youths reporting for pre-school.

The total is nine students more than the 949 total in August last year.

Official census counts will be taken in late September. Those totals will determine state aid to education funding.

The eighth grade is the largest class in the system with 83 students registered.

Seventy-one seniors are expected to graduate next spring.

The Cozad Community School enrollment:
Kindergarten    80
First Grade    60
Second Grade    64
Third Grade    68
Fourth Grade    75
Fifth Grade    72
Sixth Grade    70
Seventh Grade    72
Eighth Grade    83
Ninth Grade    65
Tenth Grade    75
Eleventh Grade    69
Twelfth Grade    71
Total Students    958
Pre-School    34


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