Maids Edged In Heartbreaker By Lutheran High Northeast

Doing their best to persevere during the grueling schedule on the pitch, the Minutemaids were edged in a thrilling 1-0 defensive showdown with Lutheran High Northeast on Tuesday night at the Lexington Optimist Fields.

Throughout the first half of play, the Eagles and Minutemaids weren’t able to sustain any drives deep into scoring position. The defensive efforts of both teams were very noticeable with a packed in strategy to keep the penetrating offenses to a minimum. The horn sounded on the first half with neither Lutheran High or Lexington being able to ring the bell and the score remained knotted at 0-0. “Bethany Dolezal and Paola Briones continue to force opposing attackers to take low percentage shots and are really playing well,” expressed Minutemaids kicker skipper Keith Allen.

During the second half of play, numerous times the duo of Gabby Mills and Paz Rios make runs into space and were threats to flex the net. “Gabby and Paz have really been a refreshing duo to come into the game and create havoc for the attack,” stated Lexington’s Allen.

The game remained 0-0 until the Eagles were able take advantage of a close quarters scoring attack that was just out of the reach of Lexington goalkeeper Kenzie Hammond and gave Lutheran High Northeast the lead 1-0 with just 7:29 left to play in regulation.

Playing with a sense of urgency were the Minutemaids as they wanted to knot the score at 1-1, but their efforts to net that goal were turned away by a suffocating defense that  remained until the final horn sounded.

“Communication on the pitch still continues to be a concern, but flashes of exciting play is everywhere,” explained Allen.

Lex goalkeeper Kenzie Hammond had 23 saves in the match for the Orange and Black.



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