Mercy Real Estate Seeks Buyers For Tenneco Plant PDF Print E-mail

Mercy Real Estate has purchased the Tenneco Manufacturing Facility in Cozad in hopes of recruiting office, industrial and/or warehousing operations back to the 100th Meridian City recently.

Mercy Real Estate of Tampa, Florida is a leader in acquiring properties that were highly productive facilities and bring them back to life. Mercy Real Estate works hand-in-hand with private businesses, municipal governments and economic development groups.

To date, Mercy has been very successful with their business model, as they have acquired and repositioned over three million square feet of real estate.

The Tenneco building was originally built in 1960 with additions occurring in 1964, 1969 and 1973. Currently the building is vacant and the Mercy Real Estate group is offering the sale of the complex as a ‘turn-key’ facility.

Mercy currently has a price of $1,850,000 on the Manufacturing facility in Cozad.


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