Historic Coach Will Ride Again During Hay Days PDF Print E-mail

The Concord Touring Coach is always one of the highlights in the annual Cozad Hay?Days Parade.

Often called the “Stagecoach,” it is seen throughout the state at various venues, as a salute to Cozad.

Erling German, an early settler in Cozad, located the coach and determined that it should be a part of Cozad’s history. William Howard Taft, future United States President and his family road in the coach in Yellowstone.

With Erling’s determination and planning, the coach was brought to Cozad. Currently, it is housed at the 100th Meridian Museum.

Dodie German Sander, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, is the daughter of Erling. Dodie said, “My wish would be to ride in the Coach brought to Cozad by my Dad.”

Sometimes wishes do come true. Dodie, her brother Carl, his wife and Erling’s great great grandchildren have been invited to ride in the coach during the 2014 Hay?Days Parade.

It will be a grand family celebration. Dodie will be wearing her mother’s sun bonnet, a salute to those early pioneers and her parents, known for their vision.


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