Cozad Police Advises Residents On Crime Prevention &?Awareness PDF Print E-mail

The Cozad Police Department is urging the residents of the 100th Meridian City to take precautions for their residences and business owners to take a proactive approach towards crime prevention. As a result of the ideal climate of the summer months, it is a busy time of year for families which results in criminals being very busy as well.

To assist in the fight against suffering great losses to your homes or businesses, the Cozad Police Department is advising people to add safety features and show great attention to detail. Listed below are some tips to thwart off criminals.

--Install deadbolts on all doors, locking devices on windows and solid glass doors.

--Locking all doors and windows when leaving, even if it is just for a short time.

--Provide visibility around the house by leaving lights on after dark and/or having motion activated lighting.

--Lock the doors even if someone is home. Unlocked doors are the easiest way for a criminal to enter a household.

--Trim trees and bushes around the house or business to limit the hiding places for criminals.

--If you are going to be gone for multiple days, have a neighbor pick up your mail. It gives the appearance that someone is home at the residence.

--Don’t leave your car unlocked. Never leave keys in the vehicle.

If you feel that activity around your home or business is suspicious, you should contact law enforcement. If by any chance you witness a crime or have information regarding a crime, contact Local Law Enforcement and/or you can anonymously call Crimestoppers.


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